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Monday, October 17, 2016

Another week of working in Cusco

Well, this was a good week. Was rough, because Brady STILL could not have his baptismal interview (even though he has had all the lessons) because he didn't officially have his moms "signature", even though he had her permission.

Yesterday we were finally able to snag that signature, and now has the green light to have his interview.

So this week we were really trying to find new people to work with, but it was rough.

We started talking with Brady, and it turns out that just listening to our lessons from the other room, his mom has decided to start to listen to us. That was really a cool experience. Reminded me of a story from the Liahona magazine from this month or last (I don't remember which) about the dad who started to hear the missionaries from another room and decided to listen, was cool!

So lets see...

This week we had a multizone conference.  The zones that were included were: Cusco, Los Incas, Tahuantinsuyo, Quillabamba, Sicuani, Inti Raymi.  All of these zones belong in the Cusco region, even though some are as far as 4 hours away!

It was fun, I got to see 5 of my old companions, (everyone except Ludlow).

TONS OF RAIN THIS WEEK, look how the weather is pretty much every day.

So, as I told you guys before, at the 1 year mark we get new plaques, well, mine officially got here, (4 months late), but anyways, I am thinking I might just keep it clean and save for a keepsake / memory, because my current plaques are still perfectly fine and usable, just a little scratched up.

Well, today, we are actually to have a soccer tournament between 6 teams. (All different Zones)

1. Tahuantinsuyo
2. Inti Raymi (1)
3. Inti Raymi (2)
4. Los Incas
5. Cusco
6. (Some cleaning service lol)

So it is like a single elimination 20 minute games.  Some church cleaning service (a bunch of older guys) are also making a team lol. It is going to be way fun, we start at 2:30pm and play for like 3 hours!

The district is doing well! So having a lot of fun working with them all.  I am going to try and grab my companions camera and grab all those old photos I kept promising to send.

Here are a few from baptisms past.

By the way Mom.  The new shoes fit.  They are actually a little big, but still fit well, I use them mainly for important stuff, like conferences.

Here is a photo with some Elders that went home.

This is a picture of "Pisco Sour" which is some kind of weird drink (usually made with alcohol), and it has a raw egg in it in that small glass, was a little interesting, haha.

Here are the last old pictures I can find on my comp's camera.

Me and my old comp with Elder Arias and the mini missionary, Elder Herrera.

An a picture of a missionary farewell activity.

I will try and take a few more videos of just us walking / working around this week.  I have to get off now, as we are going to go eat lunch, then go play soccer.


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