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Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving in Cusco

Well, this week, we did divisions in Villa Maria and ended up doing a service project for a person who lived IN THE HILLS. LOOK AT THE PIC.

We pretty much helped a person move (leña), or like firewood.  They had a MOTOtaxi to do the moving!  I was riding on the back (way sketchy) sitting on top of a bunch of wood!

So for this Thanksgiving we didn't do anything special.  Just not something even talked about down here.  So yeah, I miss Thanksgiving!  Just the types of food would be awesome to have!  Here I don't bother to eat that much, not a HUGE fan of the food here.

Pic 2. All my agendas / monthly planners from my mission that I will save as a great memory!

I only have about 20 minutes this week to email, as we had zone meeting this morning, took a lot of our p-day as we had to plan stuff for the Christmas conference.

Well this week was actually a decent week workwise. I am not going to say it was the best. We did have some lessons, people progressing, got a baptismal date for the 17th of December.  It is a 10 year old girl, her mom and sisters are members, but the dad is anti-lds.  So the Mom is a little scared to see the dads reaction, but she decided it is time to get her daughter baptized. Since she is 10, she belongs to the mission instead of the ward (teaching wise) (or at least that is what they have told us).

Is ROUGH teaching a 10 year old, let me tell you. She has an attention span that is, let's just say VERY short!  But just got to power through it.

We had an appointment with Davis and Monica (are awesome new investigators from last week) on Tuesday.  We didn't feel the impression to put a date for Baptims at that time, even though they are progressing very well.  We were going to meet with them again on Saturday, but they had to cancel us, had to go to the hospital. So we are really going to try this week, sometimes its rough, but just gotta step up and do it.

We did confirm one though with the 10 year old, thats the good news :P

Well I am off to go play soccer in the rain, hail and thunder.

So will take a video leaving so u guys can see, will send at night.

I love you guys a ton, miss you guys a ton.

Thanks for everything you guys do for me and the family.

Hope you have an amazing week!

-Elder Connor Barry

P.S.  Here are some older random pics that I am not sure you have.  One from the Turkey Bowl we had a few weeks back of REAL American Football (showing all the US Elders in Cusco zone).

Another picture of the day I picked up Elder Sanchez for his training -- will all the new Elders and Trainers.

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