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Monday, November 21, 2016

Working (while sick) in Cusco

Well this week I got SUPER sick ... Literally couldn't leave the bathroom Friday/Saturday morning! Not fun.  But I feel a lot better now, but for like 3 days I was feeling pretty horrible.  I am still sick, but not lightheaded and wozy all the time at least.

This week we taught a TON of new investigators though!  It was especially hard with me being sick, as was just like running to an appointment, back to house, bathroom, leaving again...but we got all our work done and lessons delivered!  haha.  Looking back on this week, it looks like we averaged like 5 lessons a day!  (For us, in this mission, that is VERY good).  We were so pumped!

Is a little lonely, having a "mansion" all to ourselves... since the Zone Leaders moved out.  But it is cool.  We taught 2 new people, Davis and Monica (boyfriend girlfriend), awesome people, came to church yesterday, going to put a baptismal date this week (hopefully).

Also just to confirm, I will be here in Cusco for Christmas.  The changes are 6 weeks, think I told you that last week, and only some people go home early (the sister missionaries that came in with) on the 19th.  So the actual changes are on the 26th.  So no matter what I will still be here in Cusco on Christmas.  We are trying to find a member with good internet to Skype on, so hopefully we can get that set up in advance!

Okay well, love ya, take care. Talk to you next week.

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