Machu Picchu

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Update from Connor

[Connor did get a chance to email us -- but came at time when both Laura and I weren't available to respond or ask additional questions.]

So, this week was great. We actually had high numbers (so we were able to teach a lot of lessons, do and get referrals), and everything good.

So I sent a pic with the dog who always guards our door, his name is "King" (has an english name). Its funny how angry he gets when other dogs get by our house. He is loyal to us because we always give him like a chicken bone or something lol. (Gotta be careful though, hes covered in flees).

So transfers are in 3 WEEKS. The 22nd.  I am going to Machu Pichu now on the 15th.

It will be REALLY weird this transfer because 24 missionaries are coming to the mission!!!  That is a very large group of greenies.  10 zone leaders are going home, so when combined with all the new missionaries who knows what could happen lol.

I understand you guys might be busy today, but I got like 30 min left.

Today we are going to play soccer with President Herrera for SURE. These last few weeks we haven't been able to because President has been busy.

But yeah, we are excited.

Well sorry you guys missed me, but we are off now.

Love you guys a bunch!

Will take more pics this week!

-Elder Barry

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