Machu Picchu

Monday, August 8, 2016

So this week was alright.

Finally got called in to do my immigration paperwork so I am finally not here "illegally" like I was before. (My little card expired July 20th lol)

It has been a weird week, as EVERYONE here is walking around with their phones playing this new Pokemon Go thing so it makes it a little hard to contact lol, you seen that game yet?

Well this week I bought a cream for dry skin, as I have been getting REALLY dry skin recently but its all good. It only costed me 20 soles lol.

Here is a birthday picture from a member in our ward.  Her little daughter, is 3 years old now.

In this picture I am in a place by the "plaza de armas". Its super cool, will definitely have to visit when you guys come.

Things are great with my companion.  We are working hard and enjoying the things we do and contacts we make!  But who knows what will happen in 2 weeks for changes.  As I told you last week, with 10 Zone Leaders going home (all north americans), and 23 new missionaries coming in things are going to be wild.

So my black shoes are like this picture below, on both sides, on both feet.

My brown ones are still holding up.

I am thinking that I need to bring them in to get fixed.  Will see if I can find a cobbler around here.

Remember that my Machu Picchu visit is next week on Monday.  I am so excited for that!

We leave at 3am and I heard we get back at like around 6pm.  I will probably be writing emails later in the evening on Monday or first thing Tuesday.

So, Elder Kline (Zone Leader who lives with us) is going home this Wednesday, (he would finish the 22nd but he is going home early to get into school), so he is like giving away stuff!  He gave me a tie, 2 pairs of pants, and just some other stuff lol.  Pretty cool because they fit me nicely, just gonna have to get the pants taken up a bit as I am shorter than him.

I was looking the other day lol. I think I have lost like 4 inches around my waist in pants since I came into the mission, lol, pretty crazy!

I was in divisions this week with Elder Arias, and we committed an investigator to a baptism date.  So it wasn't with one our / my investigators, but it was still awesome though.  With Elder Kline leaving, the new comp of Elder Arias is with us at the moment.  He is a mini missionary from Puno, how goes to the Bolivia Santa Cruz mission next month.

Till next week!

Will be writing AFTER the trip or maybe Tuesday.

Love you guys!

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