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Monday, October 24, 2016


Hi guys!

It was a great week. Elder Sanchez and I working hard. I have some videos but they are big, I will try and upload to the Dropbox.  

Anyways, Brady had to reschedule for his baptismal interview, because he went out of town with his family. But he is scheduled to have his interview this Saturday at 4 pm! We are pretty pumped. 

Here are some pictures from this week:

My hair after getting out of the shower haha..

A giant iguana that lives in the house in front of ours?  We were like amazed by it!

So I decided to get rid of a ton of clothes that didn't fit me anymore (picture below).

Anyways, a video is uploading, but not sure it will finish as it is very slow.  

We are having some CRAZY hail this week, and of course RIGHT when we are playing soccer today.

Anyways, so..... I am not really sure what is happening, but the pants I sent to be stitched still dont even fit me well... They fit me, but they are still huge and I have to use my belt so they stay on.  The bishop (who is the tailor) didnt even make me pay anything for the work he did, but he practically told me, "there is too much to take off, if I cinch it more it will ruin the pants". So I practically don't have pants lol that fit me well. The pants that Elder Kline left me are big too now...I think my pants are growing? I dont know.... haha

So I actually was wondering, what should I do? All the other Elders tell me to just buy like 3 pairs to last me my mission. But I don't know...I don't really like spending money....

I am not sure what I am going to do, I was looking today....So a nice pair of pants costs like S./150 , and that is awesome, but apparently they aren't like a machine wash material (there isn't much machine wash material pants here).....If you machine wash it, you HAVE to iron it after......and my comp has a nice iron that cost him 150 soles here, but when I have a transfer I wont be able to use it....

I just hate these situations....

Buying an iron is just spending more money, and I have to lug it around, the only good news is that I could use it in the house....

[We told Connor to buy more pants AND to buy an iron!  He has been VERY good about money on his mission, even though we keep telling him to spend a bit more, take his companions out to a nice dinner sometime, etc..]

Well I gotta go, we are gonna play Soccer!

Pays off though, just getting in better shape.

Will talk to you guys next week, my videos can't seem to upload to dropbox yet, next week I will have more time to put em up.


I will try and take care of my pants situation!  

-Elder Barry

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