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Monday, October 10, 2016


Hey guys, anyways, this week was great.

We postponed the baptismal interview until THIS Saturday, so next Saturday he will be baptized.

Pretty much finished my money collection, 1 more to go, will be an AWESOME thing for memories.

So the baby is Fakundo (the youngest son of our pensions family).

That black thing is the thing all the women use here to carry children on their back, I am not too sure how to use it still lol!

Anyways good news, my convert in Juli (Janice) is now studying in Lima (people go to college when they are 16  here).  I also saw Ulises the other day! My first convert! Was awesome! Was just in the church for some meeting. Apparently he is super active part of the singles ward (or group) now.

I also heard that Christian (second convert) is now serving as the Elders Quorum President in a ward that 250 people go to every week! Crazy!

So this week the Sister missionaries asked permission to go on like....a "tour" bus kind of thing, where it is like roofless and they are up high and drive around all Cusco.

So the process is like this:  They ask me (District leader); I ask the Zone Leaders; and they ask the Assistants.

So the Assistants said no, since apparently there is a rule that we can't go in those kind of buses, because we aren't supposed to like like tourists.  Anyways, I get stuck with the crappy job of having to tell them that they DON'T have permission.

So as you might imagine I get to hear a Sister complain and I felt like I was the person working in a restaurant and just getting torn apart by someone for something they didn't even do.... (Like a person complaining to the cashier in a restaurant about how bad the food was) ...  but yeah, I guess that was a fun experience....

IT IS REALLY WEIRD WITH EVERYONE GOING HOME.... Like Elder Ludlow just finished (he wrote me this week), Elder Bordon (Argentina) and Elder Damazo (Peru) both go home November 14. Elder Sanabria (Colombia) and Elder Segura (Peru) both go home in early February. It is CRAZY.

But yeah, I am holding up (still) haha.

So changes are in 5 weeks.  I am excited though.

I would LOVE to go to Puerto Maldonado. It is 12 hours northeast of Cusco, it is basically on the border with Brazil.  It is PURE jungle though.  I hear from people that it is like 100 degrees the whole day.  But apparently it is SO unique....

Everyone is always messing with me saying that I am going to be Zone Leader there at the next change.  Elder Wilde is finishing his mission in 5 weeks and is the current Zone Leader there, so everyone thinks that since after that transfer I will be like the only gringo with more than a year out that I will get sent to the Jungle.  They say it like it is a bad thing - but I would LOVE IT and am actually hoping I get to spend some time in Puerto Maldondao.  But who knows hahaha, whatever happens is alright.

I don't know if I would like to be ZL. It seems like a lot of work that isn't really "teaching" / missionary work if you know what I mean.  A lot of administrative work and other stuff you gotta do for the zone lol.  I think I would rather just spend my time teaching and finding people to teach.

It is like 90% sure that I will get a transfer at the next change though, since I will have been here 4 changes and that is a lot.

The new president told the assistants, and the assistants told us that he is thinking of changing the amount of time a missionary will stay in a sector. He is saying about an average of 2 changes than 4 now. But who knows....

But yeah, the mission is awesome, it is rough at times and I am not gonna lie, with all of my comps starting to go home, it seems to be particulary rough lol, and when friends write me, but its cool...
I just know that at home, everything will be waiting when I get back and that I am where I am supposed to be right now.

We are gonna go play soccer (even though its raining a bit)

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