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Monday, October 3, 2016

Another transfer down and more District Leader duties

I am here, with a crappy keyboard again, woohoo! So apologize in advance for weird spelling and missing words.  [I try and fix as many of Connor's typos as I can and his English writing skills have decreased over time on the mission, so fix a few of those as well!]

So, this week me and Elder Zare have went running every morning at 6 am. We wake up at like 5:55 and we are out the door at 6, it is rough but helps a lot to start the day.  The rough part is, that I don't seem to really sweat here, instead, I just run out of breath haha.

Anyways, Elder Ludlow stayed a couple days in our room, it was great seeing him. He is so ready to go home though, gonna miss him, but will see him soon enough.

So this week Elder Augat, who is also going home, was with Elder Ludlow. They were looking through all their mission memories and Elder Augat actually had a scale that he is bringing home to his house. Not sure why you buy a scale here, but it is a nice one and it cost 50 soles, maybe that is why.  Anyways, reluctantly, I took the chance to weigh myself, haven't done it since I've gotten out here on mission.  I weigh like 35 pounds less than when I started my mission!  Was really surprising, I even went to go do it on another scale because I didn't believe but I guess its true. Crazy right.

Well this week we are just going to try hard to teach all the lessons to Brady, he is going to have his baptism interview this Saturday.

So today are changes, everything is the same, except my district grew a TON. They closed the other sector where there was another district leader, and now I am the district leader of the entire zone.

5 Companionships

1. Elder Barry and Sanchez
2 Elder Arias and Zare
3. Elder Costa and Walker
4. Sister Wagner and Sister Rodriguez
5. Elder Paulsen and Hna Paulsen

It is WAY WEIRD because I have a senior missionary couple in my district, also sister missionaries.  I am never going to be able to sleep as I will have to do calls so much!  Lol.

General conference was pretty awesome this time.  The talk by Elder Juan A. Uceda was pretty awesome to hear.  The story about serving in Cusco and the Machu Picchu climb sure hit home.  [It was a pretty interesting thing to hear a talk in General Conference about same place Connor was at!  Here is the talk if anyone missed it.  TALK.]  By the way, I've met Elder Uceda, since when I got into the mission he gave a talk in Stake Conference I attended.

We watched General Conference in English this time, with all of the office Elders.  It was cool, but a little cramped.  Was AMESOME.  It was a LOT better in English because we were in a smaller room instead of the chapel, where apparently you couldn't hear much with all the talking and kids crying and stuff.

My companion / greenie is so much better.  We are always joking around in the streets now, laughing our heads off. I think his first few weeks were a bit of a dear in the headlights sort of thing.

I feel good about training, I mean its rough because I hate 2 hours of Comp. study to be honest, but I guess its worth it, because I know I am going to mold him for the rest of his mission.

He is always like ... Sheesh dude you have so much time, I still have 22 months to go.

Lol I remember when I felt like that, I always help him out though.

Here are a few pics.

Anyways, that is Elder Zares bathrobe, not sure why he has it, but I just put it on haha.

A picture of a pair of suit pants that don't fit anymore.  The tailor said he couldn't fix these as the design would be ruined I guess by how much to take in!  LoL.

Elder Ludlow has his final interview today, a training tomorrow, and flies home tomorrow night

A few Elders that have their parents picking them up are already gonna be with their parents TODAY. Crazy.

We are going to go play soccer AGAIN. We played in the morning too until lunch, but it is so fun, and we only get to do it once a week haha.

Yes mom, I got the pictures you sent, thanks a ton. I have a ton of the pics and videos you guys send me all saved on a USB, and we can see them with our little DVD player that we have in the room that they give us to watch like the District and church videos.

Anyways I miss you guys a ton. I hope everything is going well in the house.

Sorta sucks to see my trainer go home, but I guess its necessary so I can end up going home haha.

Next change 2 more companions I have had are gonna go home, crazy.....

Love you guys a ton.

P.S. Mom, for the package, don't forget about the scripture marker, would be AWESOME.

Another p.s. I am finishing the Book of Mormon for the 3rd time on my mission, woohoooo, I've got the majority of it all colored up and marked like a little kids coloring book haha, but it helps me.


Tell josh to write me this week, I wanna hear from him.


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