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Monday, August 22, 2016

Training and not much time to write

Hey guys, so right now I am feeling a little stunned.

So my companion is off to Sicuani, and I am here TRAINING and as DISTRICT LEADER. I honestly was just stunned and shocked when I saw the changes, I just stood there with my mouth open all confused lol.

Elder Ludlow called me this morning, at like 10 AM exactly.  He says to me:  "DUDE I AM GOING TO HAVE A GRANDCHILD!" [This means in mission language that Connor was Elder Ludlow's "son" since he trained him, and now since Connor is training someone that Elder Ludlow will be a grandpa!]  Lol, so he is pretty excited to see my greenie before he goes! He just has 6 weeks left, (1 change).  Crazy because he trained me when he had 10 months!

So I am not sure how I feel, its really a great responsibility, and I feel a little unprepared.
Lol I am not sure what more to say.

My comp will come Wednesday, I am going to be with Elder Costa tomorrow because my comp leaves tomorrow in the morning.  Elder Costa is also gonna to train, he is with me in one of the pics, we did divisions this week.

I only have like 30 min left. REALLY short on time because my comp wants to say good-bye to everyone. It is a little rough since I have like 40 emails this week!  Looks like I will respond to the majority of them next week.

So anyway, I am very excited about this all, but just a little..... I don't know, anxious I guess is a good word for it.

I think getting a gringo to train would be great, but also I imagine it would be HARD teaching Spanish to someone.  Funny note.  Elder Ludlow has a FRIEND from his home ward coming to the mission this change, Elder Rupert or something, can you imagine if I trained him, lol what a coincidence.

As district leader I have to do a lot of calls and district meetings and stuff like that now, not sure how that is going to go. We have a training Wednesday where they are gonna teach us everything I assume :).

My ankle is better, I have a wrap on it still, but the swelling has gone down a TON.

So the mini missionary that was living with us and partnered up with our Zone Leaders (roommates) is off, but Elder Arias is here with a guy named Elder Sare or something like that.  He has 2 changes more than me and is from Peru, Piura.

So right now we have two latin Zone Leaders, because honestly there just aren't any gringos left lol. They all just went home!

So it is going to be weird for next few months with my two new assignments.  But yeah, it is all good.
I am definitely going to have a lot more interesting experiences with a greenie these upcoming weeks that is for sure!

This week we were out walking / contacting and came across Elder Poulsen, (a senior missionary here) who was totally just standing outside in the blazing sun, handing out Books Of Mormon. He had a little stand setup (like a lemonade stand), and in order to take a Book of Mormon, they had to leave their names, addresses (if they had one) or directions to their homes and contact numbers.  [Here is a link to Elder Poulsen's blog CLICK HERE -- at the VERY bottom of this link you can see his setup and awesome job he is doing with people of Peru.] 

We received like 13 references of people who already have a Book of Mormon so it is going to be awesome trying to contact them!  (The majority of them live in the HILLS so me and my greenie are going to be CLIMBING!) Lol, what a great "WELCOME TO THE MISSION PERU CUSCO!"

So I need to run now.  Sorry.
I love you guys.
Please wish me luck!  Keep me in your prayers!
I will email you next week with news!

I imagine I WILL be able to send you a pic this week from camera just showing me and my greenie, just need to find wifi, so if not in the church, in a members house.

And yep, it is almost a GUARANTEE that I will be here at least 2 more changes with my greenie (so at least 12 weeks / 3 more months here).

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