Machu Picchu

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Machu Piccu on a twisted ankle

Hey guys!

So this week was really awesome. We actually worked really hard and had some great success.  (Sadly success is not always measured by baptisms!)

Anyways, yesterday we went to Machu Picchu. It was really neat. So we slept 14 people in the house of the offiice elders. (They have a nice house and live a little spoiled compared to the rest of us!  They have elevators, warm water always and stuff like that). We woke up at 2AM. Had to be ready and outside of the church at 3am. A bus came and picked us up, we arrived to the place to take the train at 5. We took the train, got to Machu Picchu Pueblo at like 6:30. We waited in a little line, got in to Machu Picchu early. We after ate lunch, and had free time. We played soccer with some random guys from Machu Picchu Pueblo. 8 missionaries vs 8 of them. We sorta wrecked them. We then went back on the train, and same process home. Got back around 7. I picked up my package in the office on the way back. THANKS.

Love the new sweaters!  Thanks for sending them.

Here are some more pictures from our trip.

So getting out of a bus at 4 AM. I twisted my ankle SO bad. Its so swollen! Going to an appointment today I also messed it up! Take a look at this.

Video of Machu Picchu pueblo.

Anyways, I was just thinking, what is the hotel you have reserved? There were a ton by Machu Picchu Pueblo and also one by Machu Picchu, I was just wondering what one it would be.  And the train too? Lol, still ton of time to plan it out just couldn't help wondering what it would be like to come back with you guys one day!.

But yeah, I wrecked my ankle at 4am. Went walking and scaling hills, then played soccer lol.
I went to a members house at 8 at night when we got back (they live right across the street) and she gave me some kind of cream to put on it to reduce swelling. I put it on, was starting to feel better, and BOOM. Walking at a normal pace at 9am today to an appointment my ankle just gave out and I sorta wrecked it again. Got to be more careful I think.

We had a guide, she was alright. Non-member. Sorta bored me though, gave the same speech that I imagine she always gives. Was cool to hear though, lots of intresting facts about it.

Here is the group we went with!

So all the Elders that came are: Me, my comp; Elder Ludlow, Elder Cortijo, Elder Bustamante, Elder Pavon, Elder Wimmer, Elder Hogan, Elder Orillana, Elder martin, Elder Augat, Elder Falslov, Elder Ramirez (13 of us!).

It was awesome though, I was the "youngest" missionary there as always. Lol, I come into the mission; I have the least time; I have 6 months out; I have the least time; 1 year out, but still least time! Lol, the mission is all just super old right now, in October and November like everyone goes home.

Ugly flying biting stinging things in Machu Picchu. Please don't forget to bring long sleeve when you guys come. I saw some poor tourists just bitten to death on their legs lol.

I really want to keep up the exercise! Its sorta rough here, its so cold in the mornings, and I would just REALLY prefer to go to a gym, but its not allowed in the mission. Apparently it was before, but missionaries stayed more time than they should have and it got taken away. Bummer because there is a gym 2 blocks down from our house.

It was so hot on the train coming back after soccer, we were ALL dying. We were buying overpriced water and soda because it was the only cold thing. Nice gig they got set up there right? Make the train super stuffy and hot and then sell cold drinks overpriced! Genius!

Anyways I am off, talk to you guys next week, for changes!!!!!! 


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