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Monday, August 29, 2016

1st week Training

So hi guys!  My companion is Elder Sanchez, he is from Lima.

To be honest, it is REALLY stressful be a trainer sometimes. But I know that I need to be the example, but I have never had to do so much talking in the lessons (90%), or lead the study periods, or tell him how we do stuff, or explain stuff!  I can already tell though that it is helping me personally a ton as it is pushing me past my comfort zone and making me a better missionary.

So these past few days I have  been preparing my class for the district meeting, it is really weird too, but yeah that is alright.

Being a district leader means I have to be an example now for the district as well, so I am training and helping folks even more. We are working very hard!  This week we did like double the contacts necessary for the "excellence norms" and are just trying really hard. Next week our goal is to have a baptismal date set for one of our investigators.  We are excited.

I was sort of hoping for an American greenie, but I guess the Lord places us with companions for a reason.

In our district, there is an Elder Walker, being trained by Elder Costa. He is a gringo, from Pleasant Grove, UT I think.

Me and my companion get along well, he is just SUPER shy, but I guess that is how it is when you first get to the mission.  He always is telling me like, "Wow man you have so much time in the mission", and I am still feeling like I just left my training.

So I recorded a video of my comp and I after a visit.

I apologize but I don't have any other pictures this week.  But I will try and take them today for p-day and send them via wi-fi later.  We are playing soccer again today with mission president!  That is so cool and fun!

I am also picking up 7 pairs of pants that I got fixed to fit me better.

We are working hard and getting along so am hopeful we have a great week.  So as you guys know, Cusco is up WAY HIGH.

So I was telling my new comp how our sector is and all that when he first got here, and I told him "Hey man we have a TON of hills in our sector, its going to be rough these first few days". He responded with something like "Nah man, I am used to it! I used to climb hills ALL the time in Lima."

He is in good shape, and all that, but we have been walking climbing hills and stairs and all that good stuff, and unfortunately he gets WINDED. It is funny because he is super skinny and was all like "I got this" but the altitude can kill the best of us!

But yeah he is getting used to it.  TIMES UP though
Talk to you guys next week! :D

Will send photo via wifi this week!

Love you.

[I found this picture of Connor (back row toward middle) in the Cusco Official Mission Blog.  Looks like the new mission president started up this blog.  This is a picture of a zone activity in one of the Cusco zones]

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