Machu Picchu

Monday, September 5, 2016

More Peruivan sickness

Hey guys, well this was started off REALLY well but went DOWNHILL quick!

The early part of the week had us working hard and making great efforts to find contacts and teach people where ever we could find them.  The problems started toward the end of the week.

On Thursday I woke up just feeling TERRIBLE.  I was SUPER dizzy, I had like ..... bloody phlegm (sorry for the mental picture) up in my mouth and it was like stuck to my tongue and my mouth. It was really weird. I also had a fever and like..the "shakes". It REALLY sucked.
So we call the office elder in charge of the hospital, and he tells us that Sister Herrera was actually in Lima so he basically just told me to "Drink Water". OH thanks!

So I am in bed that entire day, not eating anything, and when the night comes, I can't sleep because I slept the whole day.

Friday I was also messed up, but I went to the doctor. He pretty much gave me a ton of pills, Gatorade type drink, and a shot..(in the rear :/)

I woke up Saturday a LOT better, so that is the good part!

This week I had to do baptismal interviews. The Elders who are in Villa Maria (COSTA AND WALKER) had a family of 4 who are going to get baptized. But first comes the interview :/
It was a weird experience, because I often feel like a little kid interviewing someone who is like twice my age, but....I mean it was a cool experience.
(I am just happy they didn't have any problems with question 4, if you know what that is, its super awkward to ask :/ ) :D

I am feeling a lot better now, but last week was just pretty rough.

I actually was going to make a voice recording for both of you guys, but I did Moms super sick, but when I tried to do yours I was even worse and just couldn't get out of bed lol.

Please give this to her.

My voice is totally not like that, I think I was just super sick because it sounds super weird.

Herman Portugal is in our zone. It was her birthday this week. She is 25 years old and the short one on the left.

I am not looking at the camera -- DOHH!

Sorry for the early morning email, but glad I caught you -- at least eating your breakfast!

My breakfast this week was:  bread with a fried egg, bread with a piece of ham, and one with hotdog lol.  I sometimes get tired of the food here, but I guess its okay.

Here are a few pics from Machu Picchu trip that my friends sent along.

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