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Monday, September 12, 2016


Hey guys.

So, I have NOT gotten my package yet, not sure if it is in the office already, will check today, but its all good, will keep waiting :P

So this week I actually took part in a baptism. Elder Costa and Elder Walker had one, a family of 4 that got baptized. And anyways, I was one of the people that did the interview so one of them picked me to baptize them. I felt a little weird, because I don't know them that much, but apparently there wasn't any members, and it was "her choice"!  The water was also frozen, so that was sort of "shocking", the water heater was broken.

Also in the middle of the baptism a little kid pulled a fire alarm and somehow managed to break it, so we couldn't fix it.  So it was interesting with an alarm going off to continue with the baptismal services.

We called the stake president, and he says "hes going to come" to turn it off (he has a code that he can put in on the 2nd floor to turn it off).

So anyways, the next day, Sunday, we get to church, and the alarm is still going! LOL
They got it turned off about halfway through the sacrament meeting, how annoying lol :) but is definitely a picture perfect Peru story.

Well anyways, this week we got permission from the assistants to baptize a guy who is 13 years old, Brady.  He has been coming to church for 3 months already, but before they said we couldn't because he is younger than 14, so the rule is they have to come for 4 months. But anyways, he is super happy in the church, tons of friends, so he actually asked us to be baptized!  That was so awesome

It will be on the 24th or the 1st, we will see.

Our plans for p-day are to get our hair cut, and play soccer, nothing exciting lol.

Anyways, I am going to send a bunch of pics to u guys from baptism AND from when we made choc chip cookies with the pension (they are def a lot better in the states).

Last pday when we played soccer, then sister missionaries came and so we had to play volleyball because they really don't like to / want to play soccer.

Elder Zare just looked at me (we are in internet together) and held up 9 fingers!  LOL

He finishes mission on same day I do -- so 9 months left as of today! How crazy!

My district is doing great!  So last Saturday, there was a baptism; this Saturday there is a baptism (the other Tahuantinsuyo elders); and in 2 weeks (there is a baptism, one from the other Tahuantinsuyo Elders) and ALSO possibly ours that week, or it will prob just be in 3 weeks.

The new gringo in my district is really struggling with Spanish.  Is really weird because he is always asking me like how I learned and I don't really know what to say other than it just comes with time and working.

Apparently he is from Pleasant Grove Utah, from the class of 2015. He pitched a year at BYU before coming on the mission.

We are heading out!

Hope you guys have a great week!
Thanks for all your help!

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