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Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween in Cusco

First off all, sorry for last week, we didn't have much time to email and it was a crazy busy day.

Anyways, here I am, happy :)

So, this week was COOL.

FINALLY, BRADY HAS HIS INTERVIEW. We literally had to teach each lesson 3 times (just so he could capture the basic idea), but we got everything! I imagine it would be like teaching any young teen every gospel principle and then having an interview after, ROUGH!

Also another cool experience that happened this week.  So the mission is putting a new emphasis on FAMILY NIGHTS and SEMINARY/INSTITUTE.

So every Monday we have family nights with members, and also, we CAN bring recent converts and investigators to institute/seminary!  We can only come once with each recent convert, so that is sorta sad, because it is awesome, but this week we were able to do it!
We woke up at 5:00 AM. Went to the investigators house with a member too, and we all went to Institute. It was SO awesome! We were able to learn so much and I understood EVERYTHING. Was so cool, got me pretty pumped for institute classes when I get home.  I guess it is the mission training, but I was able to understand/answer more than anyone in the class! A big difference from when I was in Seminary I think. LOL.

So, I found a nice store, called El, where I can get pants. They cost about S/120, and I got 3. But they fit NICE. I am picking them up tomorrow.  I also got a cool iron! I went to the store and there were like 10 GARBAGE irons for 30 soles, and 2 nice ones, (160 and 170), so I got the 170 one but it is awesome! Finally my clothes aren't gross!

It is kind of sad that an iron makes me happy, but yeah, it is a steam iron. I like it, it works really well!  You should have seen some of the other ones there, as the $10 iron just looked scary to use lol.

2 weeks until changes!  I assume I will be transferred to a new area. It is probably almost a 100% odds that I get a change.  Then it is possible I go like 3 changes and 2 more in a final sector to finish it off, or 5 in a final one, but that is not that probable. Will probably have 2 more sectors for rest of my mission. But only for 4 months and then 3 months.

Is crazy to think about that I will already be going in to my 4th sector.

I realized the other day (because there aren't very many Gringo Elders in the mission) that I am like the 5th "oldest" gringo Elder in the entire mission!

1.Elder Hogan (Feb)
2. Elder Wimmer (Feb)
3. Elder Vance (March)
4. Elder Tsousie (May)
5. CB!

We really need some more North American Elders lol, they are slackin.

Anyways, in the picture below, all the guys and the girl on the very left are members (and my companion), the girl in between the guy and girl is an investigator (has been listening to the missionaries for years, but recently took interest in the message).

Here are those videos I promised (both happened on p-day and the second one while we were trying to play soccer!)

That is all I have for now, will have to make more. :)

Anyways, in the soccer tournament a couple weeks ago...No one won... as we planned it rather poorly and we didn't really implement the "elimination" we wanted.  My team didn't lose any games we played though (just saying) hahaha...

My Halloween package has not arrived yet! They really don't celebrate the holiday here in Peru.  In the main plaza (touristy place) they have some Halloween stuff, but nothing big. It is not anything like the door to door treat parade like in the states.

I am still trying to do my exercises.  Every morning and night (except Sundays) I do 30 push-ups and situps. I am going pretty well, but it is rather boring. I would like to have some kind of gym to go to, as sitting on the floor is sorta boring lol.

Next week I might hint at president I want to go to Puerto Maldonado (jungle), but I don't know if he will do anything about it (because after all, it IS revelation and not really my will, but maybe I will luck out!)

Well I have to go.  Bye you guys!
Love you!

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