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Monday, November 7, 2016

Last week in Cusco area?

Hey guys
So I finally got the halloween package! Was funny haha, had some candy in it that I haven't eaten in like a year and a half.  It got devoured pretty quick by the room, but I guess it is better to share than to just eat them all myself haha.

This week was cool. Brady was baptized and confirmed (I had to confirm him last minute, even though the bishop said he was going to do it.  Like literally at the very last minute when Brady was already up in the chair in front of the sacrament meeting and we were all about to place our hands on his head, the Bishop was like "oh Elder can you do it...." It just scatters my brain and stresses me out. But I am happy that I can do things last moment now, but if you had asked me to do that at the start of my mission and I would have flipped out!

Is really was an awesome experience though. It will be something HE will remember for his entire life, and I doubt I will forget it!  This last week, to be honest, will be rough in my sector. Constantly thinking where I will be going, but just gotta keep going, and leave the sector in a good condition for my companion to keep working! (to be honest, I am pretty happy to get to know another sector, part of the mission!) It was a good week. Crazy to think 1 more WEEK until transfers....

But yeah, our sector is going great. I think I am leaving it better than I found it.  One of our investigators, Urpi, told us recently, after investigating the church for 10 years, that she wants to be baptized in December (when her member Dad from Lima comes to Cusco).  It was an awesome experience, but I obviously won't be here when that happens.  

Today we played American football with all the gringo Elders in Cusco. It was cool, but I did sunburned again even though I put on SO MUCH SUNSCREEN, TWICE....The sun just seems to fry me here!  We had our "turkey bowl"..Was funny, because me and one of the Assistants to the President (Elder Fritz) were the only two Elders that were there last year too for the turkey bowl of 2015 :)

So got my new pants.  I got 3 pairs; A black; A dark brown (almost black); And a beige color.
They all fit really well. But just decided to get 3 to last me this last quarter of the mission pretty much.

Here are some pics of me eating Cow Heart!  It wasn't that bad!

Here are some pics from last week District Meeting that my comp sent me.

So we are leaving now.  Will talk to you guys next Monday, take care...
P.S . Haven't been able to go to Institute again, because don't have any recent converts or investigators to bring...But maybe in my next sector!
So yeah, take care, love you guys
-Elder Connor Barry

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