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Monday, December 5, 2016

Cusco Talent Show

So it has been a good week.

We had a talent show (put together by the Ward Mission) this week, we have had it planned for a little over a month. It went great! Tons of investigators came, and even some who participated.

We had 2 skits as "missionary work", put on by us 4 Elders with the ward mission leader.

Then my companion and I were also in the Elders Quorum skit as well.  That was a hilarious one, and I am pretty sure someone took a video of it, so will try and ask around to see who has a copy.  Then my companion and I were in the Bishopric skit as well!

It is finally a sunny P-DAY! That means a good day of soccer!

Here is a video last week as Elder Costa and I are walking.

We are basically just talking in some Peruvian slang, messing around. He is not Peruvian either, he is from Bolivia, so we both like to just joke around in Peruvian slang haha.

He said, "we are gonna go play some soccer in the rain", somewhere around those lines.

Pretty crazy right that we just have 3 weeks until Christmas Skype! Time flies!

So we are going to go to the members house that lives right next to us. Her family has a brand new laptop, and a decent internet connection (at least I hope so)!  I will let you know more specifics when we get closer.

That is Elder Costa right next to me.  It is pretty weird not speaking English.  We don't really speak English much as my companion isn't really a huge "fan" of wanting to learn.  Elder Costa likes trying to learn though, he has actually learned a lot.  So it might be like 2 or 3 days in a row that I go without speaking any English!  Pretty wild.

Well Elder Reyes and I are going to the church already.  They are waiting on us, since we got the key! Lol.

But yeah, 1/2 way through this transfer already.  I am guessing it is like 100% that I will be transferred this time, as I have only heard of one case where an Elder stayed 6 changes, 5 is already a ton!

So this Thursday we have a general authority coming to our Mission.  Elder Godoy - believe he is a Seventy.  It should be a great meeting!

Love you guys a ton!
Talk to you guys next week!


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