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Monday, December 12, 2016

Mission Christmas Conference

So today was our Christmas conference.  But unfortunately I woke up today with stomach sickness again!  All the "fun" like last time including throwing up!  Uggh.  I assume I must have ate something bad in the last day or two.  Last night I felt pretty bad, so I decided to take it easy, and to go to bed, hoping I would wake up better, I guess not.

But as of right now, I am feeling a lot better, still not 100%, but definitely a lot better than I was earlier today.  So we had a 6 hour conference (on our P-day as well) that I had to "endure" through this sickness!  Here is a picture from the Christmas conference.  [He does look pretty sick in that picture!  It seems like he gets a bout of something nasty once or twice a month lately!]

So, about our Skype call for Christmas, not completely sure about the timing, but I think it would be better Sunday night like at 6 pm our time.  Does that work?

Anyways, we had a good week.  Geidy passed her baptismal interview.  As I said before, her mom is a member, and also all her sisters, but Dad is totally against the church. But the Mom decided that she wants to get her daughter baptized, no matter what.

This Saturday, Urpi will have her baptismal interview. She is very excited.  I am really happy for this one because she has been investigating the church for 10 years now and has gone through dozens of missionaries!  Woohoo!

David and Monica have sort of disappeared.  Which is a bummer, but I am confident that at the right time that seed we planted will bear some fruit!

We want to put a baptismal date for next Friday with Kasumi too. She is also very excited, but could not have her interview this week given some scheduling conflicts.

We had a conference on Thursday with Elder Godoy from the Seventy.  It was awesome!  I learned a lot!  It was interesting because he had all these "statistics" from the Peru missions and he kept telling us that our "key indicators" were among the highest in all South America!

Key Indicators are the "essential" things the mission follows up on.  For example, things like:
New people with Baptismal Date
New investigators
Lessons taught
And TONS more lol!

It was very cool, but that meeting (like our Mission Christmas conference) went on for almost 6 hours!  I am definitely not a fan of super long meetings (especially when you have stomach issues). Lol.  Maybe I get that from you Dad?

Anyways, I DID receive my Christmas package. And its awesome!  Thanks so much for sending it!  So that new service really works much better huh? I must have gotten this package like within 10 days of you sending it!

I realized I have REALLY small fingers though, because the size 8 hardly fits me, but is still awesome, the 9 just falls off.  Luckily, my companion has huge fingers. lol so the size 9 fits him well.

[We had bought Connor two different styles and sizes of CTR rings for Christmas.]

Hey guys, well I gotta run now.  Talk to you guys next week! Then the following Sunday we use Skype! Crazy! Then changes!


Lol the other missionaries are leaving me...gotta hop off!


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