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Monday, December 19, 2016

Successful Week

Not a lot of time to write this week -- but will talk with you guys in a few days!

So this week Geidy was baptized, and Urpi was interviewed for her baptism!  I am really happy with the success that we have been having! Sorry, but I don't have my camera with me so can try and send some pictures later.

So Elder Damazo, one of my old companions extended his mission and finally finished up yesterday.  He stayed with us his last day so I took him out to eat Chiles along with Elder Sanchez on Saturday night.  It was fun!

So this week Kasumi was also going to pass her baptismal interview, but apparently her Mom doesn't want her to be baptized until AFTER Christmas.  This is pretty lame really because I won't be here (assuming I get transferred the day after Christmas), but apparently they are going to be traveling, so needed to push the date back!  Oh well, is still great that I got to teach her and she will be baptized eventually.

See you guys on Sunday 6 pm my time, but might be 7pm, but we will work out it out.  See you later.  Love you.

-Elder Barry

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