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Monday, August 17, 2015

Connor in Cusco - First Area

Hey guys, havent had the opportunity to write in a while, seems like forever!
Anyways, this first week has been really interesting, fun, and challenging.

When we arrived in Cusco, I dont think the weather was too bad, at least where I am, it was just a little chilly and a little rain.

I have been assigned to labor in Cusco for my training. My companion is Elder Ludlow from Sandy, Utah. Im happy I got a trainer who speaks english but also spanish, he has been out for about 10 months.

These are pics from the cusco airport!

The house we live in is pretty nice! Its really different from what im used to, but its cool. The bathroom situation is a bit wierd, because you cant flush, so its a bit musty

[Pictures of Cusco] 

These are a few picture of cusco and of the Cristo Blanco. Its a huge tourist thing , we visited it the first day we got there.

Our housing situation is pretty awesome. Our pensions also do our laundry, and we live with them. They cook really good food, but its a little different. I have yet to try chuno or anything really wierd. Yesterday we had rooster though.

For the first 3 days in the field, Cusco did not have water (I have no clue why). Every morning we had to bathe ourselves using a bucket of water that was heated up, (phew Im happy thats over)

Talk about suprises, we got a lovely call from the bishop saturday night around 10:00 PM to give talks the following morning at 8:00 AM, How fun! I thought it went pretty well though, I only had to talk for 5 minutes on missionary work.

[I replied and asked him whether he spoke spanish for the full 5 minute talk!?]

I feel like i can speak spanish decently well, but it seems like everyone speaks it a little different. We did teach a couple lessons this week, and i taught a lot about the restoration and about prophets, prayer, and a little more.

Sometimes i feel like im struggling to communicate though.

Yeah it was okay, the talk went suprisingly well, i used a lot of scriptures and a lot from preach my gospel

This is my favorite picture of me so far in the mission!

[I asked him if he was cold / needed anymore clothes as he looked to be wearing sweaters everywhere!  Also asked if he had received the package (light weight jacket) Mom had sent.]

I havent received the package yet. From what ive heard, packages take like a month to arrive, but they usually always do. Apparently the mail just SUCKS here

Actually ive been enjoying the weather here, its definitely not too cold.

Apparently my spanish is really good for how new I am, I guess i can thank my spanish teachers for that

These two pictures are our district in the CCM. I miss a lot of those people. Look just how happy the MTC president looks! Isnt he jolly

[Connor next sent like 3 emails with various pictures attached.]

[I asked about the random motorcycle pictures and about his house / place he was staying.]

This motorcycle is from a recent convert named Gustavo, its super super loud. He was baptized like two weeks ago and loves the gospel!

Not too sure how to describe it, but our house is REALLY close to the airport, we hear planes all day. Its actually a pretty big house i would say, because a big family of members lives there, but its just super weird because they dont have the things we have like water whenever you want it.

They are super kind though, and one of them is ALWAYS listening to english music.

I dont have any pictures of outside of our house, i will make sure to get those and send them next week.

We are in "Cusco, Cusco" just in the absolute center. I think its also called San Sabastian. Its crazy being this close to the airport all the time.

I dont know our actually street address, i will find that out by next week.

There is a huge street that goes by our house, it is called Velasco Astete.

My companion says to put in "Kennedy B, Cusco" in google maps. Anyways, thats about as close as i can get.

[Here is link to Google Maps for the "huge street" Velasco Astete" going by Connor's house.]

[Here is a link to the "Kennedy B, Cusco" in Google Maps. I assume Connor lives in one of those houses on either side of the street.]

[I asked him if he had taught any gospel lessons, had any investigators learning about the church.]

We have i think 4 or 5 investigators right now, but we are just working with a ton of less active people.

We do a lot of asking for references from the members here.

I think we taught around 4 lessons or so this week, but a lot of little scripture sharing and stuff

The members LOVE giving us food, and we are supposed to accept it and eat it when they do.
I had my first experience with that this week, it was right after lunch and they gave us a big plate of rice and beef, it was really hard but i managed to eat it all with a smile!

[I asked him about his trainer -- Elder Ludlow -- and how he was getting along with him.]

My trainer is super awesome, he is actually cousins with someone that i knew in the CCM.

I have yet to try to voice recorder, but Im going to get it going, our days are just so busy!

Our cool experience for the week is

We were supposed to prepare a "lesson" for an activity at a members house. We showed a video about missionary work, (Una obra en progressa) or something like that.

We then talked about the video, and apparently, from what we have heard from the sisters-- one of the investigators that was at the meeting now wants to serve a mission!

Anyways, my time is about up for this week, I love you guys a lot and miss you guys.
We have a lot more on our schedule this week teaching wise, so hopefully my next email may be a bit more exciting.

Love and miss you guys a lot!
I had tons of emails to respond to today and actually went a bit over time, but its all good, talk to you next monday!

We are going to go play soccer now!

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