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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

3rd Week in CCM (1/2 way through)

[Editorial Note:  After waiting anxiously for his once a week email -- to hear he was sick and not feeling well (and not sending many pictures) was a bit of a bummer!  Is pretty obvious he was / is not feeling well when writing his message!  We had asked him some questions regarding what he does for church on Sunday; when does he leave the CCM grounds and go on "real" appointments with Elders from Lima; and how his language / testimony was coming along.]

This week has really been the same schedule every week,
I have only met latino elders going to Cusco, they say more North Americans will come when I am on week 4.
On Sundays, we have a sacrament meeting at 9 till 10 with just the North Americans, (also called the Manti Branch). We later have sunday school and priesthood.
This saturday, we have our first opportunity to leave the CCM(apart from P-day) and go out and teach. They bring us all into a chapel and pair us up with a missionary in Lima.
My spanish is still so-so, we are obviously learning a lot of new words but we all still struggle with grammar.
I have been having a rough time trying to feel the spirit when the lessons are in spanish, but that truly is a work in progress. Yesterday we had our first 45 minute lesson, they brought in volunteers (members) from outside the CCM to be fake investigators.
It was really hard because my companion spoke like two words every 15 minutes. :/
Today was our third P-Day, and of course- I wake up with the Flu.
It didnt really hit me till we got to the temple, and it was terrible. By the time we got back, I had to go talk to Hermana Gonzalez (CCM presidents wife). They gave me some pills (not too sure what they are), and pretty much just told me to take this after every meal.
Im sorry because I dont really have too many pictures this week, CCM rules are you can only take pictures on p-day, and I had the flu.

[I did reply right away giving him some words of encouragement and hoping he felt better.  Is just amazing to me how strong he is for taking this plunge as an 18 year old -- not even 2 weeks out from graduation -- moving to Lima and immersing himself in Spanish and gospel lessons!  He replied with one picture at least.]

The Elders in my district with our teachers

[I asked about his teachers]

Yes the teachers are super nice, they are only like 22 years old. They returned from their missions like a year ago

The Lima CCM from the front

A person from the 70 came and talked to us for a fireside on Tuesday, it was cool, but it stunk because my headset didnt work so it was all in spanish.

On Sundays, everyone has a chance to get called up to give a talk.
They pick 4 people, ususally two Intermediates and two Advanced. 2 elders 2 Hermanas
Me and my companion were asked by the zone leaders to give the sacrament prayer, so I thought we would be in the clear, but apparently not
My companion got called on and he had his talk only half translated. I let him use my talk and he combined it with his and in the end, he survived.
I really hope I dont get called on.

[Mom joined in the email fun and asked whether he had ate something bad, or if the illness was going around training center.]

I just thought I have it, because all the symptoms from when I last had it are the same.
Sore Throat
Shivers, but feeling hot
My temperature has not been tested, but I feel like I have one.  Yes other elders have had this same thing, seems its going around in the CCM.

Well my time is at a couple minutes left, the time always flies so fast when you are emailing.
Love and miss all you guys!

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