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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Second week in Lima CCM (MTC)

[Editorial note from Dad:  Since I work from home and at my computer, I am able to see Connor's emails and basically have an email conversation with him back and forth for about 20 minutes.  I love it!  What follows is his initial email and some back and forth.  His initial email is in direct response to a request to let us know what his day looked like in the CCM.]

The second week at the CCM was pretty routine. Here is rundown of my daily schedule.
 We wake up at 6:30, shower in showers that change from hot to cold quicker than you can react, and get dressed and down to breakfast by 7. After breakfast, from 8 to 9, we have personal study, where you can study anything you want, but I usually take the time to start on one of our "lessons" that we teach to our "investigators". At 9, class starts and goes all the way until 12:30, which is lunch. This morning class is usually the hardest because I´m not really fully awake. The lunch, (which usually consits of rice and chicken), is from 12:30 to 1:15. After lunch we have TALL, (technology assisted language learning). This might be the most boring thing I´ve ever done in my life but it helps a lot. After TALL, at 3, we have physical activity till 4:05, where we play soccer. After that we go and shower again, and then back to class by 4.45. Class goes until 6, then we have dinner (once again, rice and chicken-beef). At 6:45 we return to class until 9. At 9 till 9:30 we have companionship daily planning (planning the schedule for the next day even though its the exact same). From 9:30 to 10:30 we can pretty much do whatever we want, although we are usually always tired.
As I said before, this week was really the same day after day but it was alright. P-day was fun because we got the opportunity to go with just our district (13) to the temple and then shopping. I bought a soccer jersey, and lots more athletic socks, becuase I didnt bring enough.
Im going to write more, but just sending this now to make sure I can get pictures in first

[I responded with questions re: how he was doing with language]

The language learning at the CCM is really different from what I expected.
They dont really teach you that much on actual grammar, or sentence structure. They teach you just tons of things like how to bear your testimony, and how to give lessons and what not. I cannot describe how many times I have given lessons. My companion is really struggling with spanish so It´s mainly just me talking during our lessons. I feel like I know a lot more in spanish, but there are still so many tenses that I knew at what point but forgot. This week i got a lot of emails from friends like Mitch, Jeff, Roger, and even Elder Yazzie.

[I responded that I felt bad to monopolize his limited email time -- but I wasn't really honest there -- so told him he should reply to his friends -- but that in between those emails to friends to send more pictures]

[Picture of him and Companion on bus to temple on P-day]

[Picture of Connor and the Elders in his district @ Lima Temple]

[Note from Connor re: picture below]

This guy was Elder Tonga, he was one of my favorite elders that came in with us, just a really cool guy. He already spoke spanish, so last night it was farewell, today was his first day in the field

[Note from Connor proving he is my son]

Cross eyed cat at immigration

Not sure  if you already saw this, but this is my shopping I did today. Got tons of like candies, a jersey, and socks. For cheap too!

[I asked him if Elder Tonga (above) was going to his Cusco mission]

No , not any elders in the CCM I know are going to cusco, a batch of newbies just came in today so some of them are , will have to get to know them.
The ones going to cusco in the picture of our district are ----Hermana Morris and Hansen, They are the two in the farthest back in the right, just had to look at the picture

Here is a picture of our district in front of the temple this morning.

[I laughed at cat picture and broke the news to him that his little sister got his iphone 6 in his absence.  Then told him Jake (from our ward) was entering Provo MTC today for his mission training for Baltic Mission -- Estonia]

That is crazy, and jeff in another two weeks. Im hoping to just learn to speak spanish well, I hate not being able to communicate.    My friends just sent me a couple pictures and one was of his new Mustang. Hah, I´m going to miss my car , and alt-nation

Alright my time is about up in 5 minutes, thanks for the support. I never know what time my email time is so I cant really have a set-time to email you yet, so i guess you have to keep checking.  Till next wednesday!

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