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Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 3 in Cusco

Phew, I am exhausted today--- Today we woke up, did our studies and played soccer from 10 to 1. I am so terrible but its still fun. I finally got my mission bag from the office, took them 3 weeks to make it. Apparently Elder Salazar must have forgotten I ordered a bag a month before I left for the mission!
 (The same thing happened to my companion too though).

Today, after soccer we went to Real Plaza, which is just a mall. We shared a pizza from Papa Johns , and my pepsi actually had ice in it! All of the drinks here are lukewarm or hot. Apparently the people here think that you will get sick from cold drinks. Nothing hits the spot better than a hot glass of lemonade!

After Papa Johns, we just returned here to write, after this we plan on just chilling for about 30 minutes until we have our district meeting to end the Pday.

Today we had a meeting with a family who lives way up in the hills, it was a crazy hike.

My week was pretty cool, sometimes it seems the same though.
We have a super cool investigator though, who recently moved here from a different part of Peru. He was passed to us by other missionaries from there.
He is attending church and going to like every family night and accepting all the lessons. We plan on planting a baptismal date next visit!

I am starting to get more comfortable, but there are still a few rough times.

That old lady in the picture is Hermana Juana, she is an old lady who is a recent rescue (meaning she was inactive and then reactivated), she is a little, or maybe a lot, crazy but is totally cool.

And yes, I did make a video for moms birthday, hope you guys enjoy!
Next pday, we plan on maybe going to a touristy place and getting some cool pictures.

Well, i just tried to send the video, but the file size is too big, my companion uses dropbox for all of his videos, should we try that:]?

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