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Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 4 in Cusco


This week has been alright, Its definitely been a lot of walking! This week we did a service for a family in the ward, we helped them move. We thought it wouldnt be too long but it actually took nearly 5 hours!

I had the opportunity to use a scale that the family had though, it turns out Ive dropped around 8 pounds since I left for the mission, I guess its just all the walking. Ive heard most missionaries drop a decent amount in the beginning then begin to rise back up :/

This Sunday I woke up with the flu (again!) It was a really hard day but I feel fine today, guess it was just some 24 hour thing!

This week a member also invited us to eat at a restaurant called Fuegos (translated means "Fires") Apparently it has a super huge hamburger that all the missionaries try to eat. (Picture attached)

This week I also had the opportunity to go and do exchanges with one of the zone leaders, Elder Day. It was a little scary at first but the day went alright!

Things are going good! Some days are just better than others right now, and sunday was definitely the worst day of my mission so far!

I was in the bathroom at like 3AM just dying, bah it was terrible! Im not even sure what to blame!

Today we had a zone meeting in the morning instead of our studies, and we are planning on going to a bigger soccer field and having a game as a zone at around 2. Sometime in the future we are going to go to ruins though, because there are just tons of places here.

My spanish is getting better and better, I can pretty much understand everything if it is written, but people just speak so fast its terrible to understand!

Also, one of our investigators who i was talking about before accepted his baptismal date for the 19th of this month, and I will probably being the one doing it, not too sure how i feel about that yet!

We really only have the one progressing investigator. We have another family who is really cool but they just arent really doing anything on their part. They arent reading or anything because they are always just so busy with their work. The mom has 6 kids and the dad works in construction.

For the past couple weeks I have always been sharing testimony and teaching, but I feel like im talking like a toddler because I know nothing!

There is just tons of dirt everywhere, my clothes are literally never clean.

The weirdest things here are the dogs, I have already had some experiences where ive almost been bitten, they are just everywhere, every street you look there will be dogs.
Usually you just bend down and act like you are picking up a rock and they run though, (hopefully)

From what Ive heard, some have rabies, so if a missionary ever gets bitten, and they cant trace the dog, he will have to a get a rabies shot.. (IT GOES IN THE BELLYBUTTON ) Some are just annoying though and just bark. I miss actually having domestic dogs! There are a few members who have cool dogs though, none as cool as Kobe though!

The other day we were walking and saw just a pile of fur in the road, it was like a dog used to be there...but all that was left was fur.

Usually at nights it can get pretty cold, I have hardly had any experiences with rain though. I have heard tons of different things about the time for rain in Cusco, but I think its around the end of october.

This week was pretty normal, except for one guy we met.

We were just walking, said "good night" to an old man as we walked by him and he started talking to us.

This guy was just a lunatic, he started talking about how everyone in Peru is just drunk and that we need to go study science because we are "smart". At this point me and Elder Ludlow are just trying to not laugh as he continues to ramble on about how science is the cure to everything and then he rambled on something about some story about a cursed guy that i didnt understand, he was just a complete lunatic. He took like 30 minutes of our time just talking to us.

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