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Monday, September 14, 2015

Another week in Cusco

Hey guys, we are emailing early again today, so hopefully you guys are on!

This week seemed pretty long to me, but its okay. I dont think anything too special happened, except having to accompany our crazy friend "Juana" to the hospital twice!

I have made a video for addisons birthday, will you show it to her just on that day? thanks!

Here is the video, and also a picture of our street where our house is. Our house is the small wood door next to the garage!

Im still not sure if i will receive the package today, hopefully, but we plan on looking after email.

[Here is the video for Addison's birthday -- which is this Friday / September 18th!  Since Addie isn't a big internet user yet -- can safely post this for everyone else!]

Ulises is still set for the baptism next Saturday.
This Saturday the hermanas in our ward had a baptism (which Elder Ludlow did)
Sending some pictures from that

The guy with the blue zip up jacket on the right of the picture is Ulises -- he is our investigator and should be baptized this week!

[We asked him if he was an "official" non-resident with Peru now.  Evidently when that paperwork is finalized things like transit passes, bus fare, etc.. drop significantly.  The cost for tourists can be into the $30 to $40 US dollars while the locals / residents pay literally under a $1.]

Ive had my carnet for a while, meaning im an official resident of peru, the office has it though, still waiting for them to make me a copy!.

Yes, as always, we are doing a lot of walking, on most days my feet hurt by the end of the day!

Here is my mission bag!

Well my time is up, and I finished writing everyone that wrote me!

I hope you guys have a good week and everything is going well in the family
Hopefully next week is better! This week was a bit rough for me but it was alright, just missing friends and stuff.

For the rest of our P-day, we are going to go buy some minor things that I want, and then play soccer if we have enough time.


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