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Monday, September 21, 2015

1st Baptism -- and a little homesick

[It looks like Connor is feeling a little homesick lately -- I guess that is to be expected -- we are hoping and praying that he will get more comfortable with the mission life, the language, and his new environment for the next 21 months!]

Hey guys!

This week has been really rough in some points but its alright. I still havent received my package, just because the process from getting it from the office is painful, but hopefully I will receive it today,

This week I had my first baptism, Ulises. It went well (thankfully I didnt mess up), but the attendance really was small. On the same day we had a talent show in the night for the ward, which had about 4 times the attendance as the baptism but still not too much.

Bad news though, Couple days before the baptism I searched for my baptismal clothes and literally cant find them anywhere in my suitcase or in the room, but im 100% sure that I didnt leave them in the CCM, because my closet was totally clear. 
I am guessing someone in my room in the CCM must have accidently packed them up.
Although it sucks, its not too bad because all the wards have clothes and stuff.

[We told him we would send some white pants and another white tie in next package and asked him what made the week "rough".]

Yeah, but no rush on sending new clothes, because I will probably stay in this area for another 1 or 2 changes AFTER my training. That will be sometime early next year.

This has just been a rough week because a sister missionary in our ward ended her mission today, and its just been rough thinking how little time in the mission I have compared to everyone else! Everyone tells me it starts to fly by after your training, but we will just see about that.

But it hasnt been too rough, nothing I cant handle,hah!

[We tried to cheer him up as much as we could - and I told him from my own mission days that I understood the feeling of 2 years to go, the homesickness, etc... but told him we loved him and knew he was in the right place doing the right thing!  We asked him what were the BEST / WORST and WEIRDEST things he had seen this week.]

The BEST thing that happened this week was the baptism of Ulises, I was so nervous but im thankful that I did it right.

The WORST thing was that the talent show started an hour and a half late. But thats just the way of Peru, people dont believe in punctuality.

The WIERDEST thing was one day, we had 3 dogs that followed us the ENTIRE day. They followed us for like a mile down to an appointment, would wait outside then follow us again when we got out. It was just weird because most street dogs usually just try to eat us.
We found another one of the dogs the other day, and he followed us again that day, it was just strange.

I dont have a picture of the dogs following us around, my camera was charging that day :( But here is a picture of just a normal street of Cusco, where usually 4-5 dogs can be seen.

Recently, we havent had a lot of new investigators, and if we do, they fail us. People here, as i said before, are just super flakey.

Our normal schedule is 
6:30-7 wake up and physical activity
7-8, shower and breakfast
8-9 personal study
9-11 companionship study
11-12 language study
12:30-2 Lunch or just do whatever, this is usually just a little relax time
2-8 We usually have appointments which fail us and then we just visit members, ask references and contact people in the street, knock doors or pretty much do whatever we feel like doing hah

My time is about up, Bye family, love you guys!

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