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Monday, October 5, 2015

General Conference

I just got on today

This week we had the opportunity to watch General Conference in English which was cool. We watched all 4 sessions and priesthood too. It was only a bit annoying because tourists where in there with us in the English room and they had so many noisy kids.

This week has been really dry mission wise, we dont really have any news.  We went out and bought dunkin doughnuts this week which was good, but they went by way too fast.
Our pensions family also took us and the sister missionaries out to pizza, an actual real pizza place. It was like a 70 sole 16 piece pizza which was pretty good.

I guess this week has gone by pretty fast, and I would say I can understand mostly everything in Spanish. We had a zone meeting this morning and everything is in Spanish and it was alright!

Cusco has a Dunkin Doughnuts in PlazaVea, the mall here. In that mall, they also have KFC, Popeyes, Burger King, Papa Johns, some other burger place, a milkshake shop, Chili's, and some other places.

Here, everyone has a REALLY strong belief in Christ, pretty much everyone says they are catholic. I have yet to have an investigator that wont read the Book of Mormon. I have had a lot that say they will, and then "dont have time" though.

Conference was really awesome, and I think this is the first time in my life I've ever watched all 5 sessions. It was still pretty hard with crying babies and such, but it was awesome. We listen to a lot of conference talks on our little DVD player in our room. I think my favorite ( which i copied onto my USB i bought here), is from April 2015 by Jeffrey R. Holland.  He talks a lot about the Book of Mormon, I really like it.

We have a zone meeting on every change (transfer day). It just takes the place of our studies in the morning from 8 to 10. It sorta sucks though because the Zone Leaders always go over their assigned time and cuts into our P-day.

I still havent received my package, but it might just be sitting in the office for all I know. Its been a little bit longer than usual though, and I expect to get it hopefully by next Pday, The guy in charge of packages in the office is a latino and has a lot of work on his hands, so I think he just forgets sometimes, hah!

The tourists who attended our General Conference session did talk to us. They were mostly from Utah here to do some humanitarian project , like building houses or something. They were pretty cool.

These pictures are from a family night. Apparently here, everyone knows Barney and they always accidentally mispronounce my name and call me that. The family where we had the family night rents out costumes for a living, so they have a room just jam packed with everything you could think of.

Our week was a lot of failed appointments, but also a lot of service. All of Thursday we did a service activity for a now inactive returned missionary. He told us he still has his testimony, and is never going to forget his mission, is just "passing through some problems" or something like that.

When we have downtime, we usually try to visit less actives or visit "antiguos investigadores" (old investigators I think that translates into).

Today, with the rest of the zone for our zone p'day, which we have whenever we have the meeting in the morning, we are going to go to the "Balcon del Diablo". Ive never been, but apparently its like a hike up to a place with like some river and some cave or something, I dont know, ill take pictures.

Hah, I wish it meant Devils Bacon, I havent had bacon in what seems like forever. Sadly we cant eat any "Chancho" or pig products.

But yeah, its super cool the power the gospel has to change lives.

Our ward mission leader was inactive like, a year ago, and now has a super strong testimony about the changing power of the gospel. He is a pretty weird hobbit looking guy, ( who most of the time doesnt understand his calling), but even with all that -- he is awesome!

Love you all!

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