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Monday, October 12, 2015

A Week of Service & Hike to Balcon del Diablo

Sadly no, my package has still not arrived. Im not sure if its sitting in the office , or just lost. Ive heard some elders that say they got like packages 2 months after they were supposed to arrive.

But yeah, this week was alright for us, all of this week we have been doing a special service. Some group called "OneSight" came to Cusco, and its like a group of 50 people and they are doing eye checks and giving out glasses for free to everyone who needs them here. But the group is from like the US, England, and Canada so they all speak english, so we have been there for about 5-6 hours a day translating from their english to spanish, it was pretty fun though.

But work wise, not much this week, but like 30-40 hours of service so thats alright hah.

P-day was pretty cool last monday, we went to balcon del diablo, gonna attach some pictures. When we were there, we were just walking and ran into like 400 animals in the middle of the path, it was super weird

It was a fun hike, it was like just out in the middle of the mountains.

It was a really fun service project, I learned a lot about the eye haha. But yeah it helped a lot with my Spanish too. In like the 5 days they have been working here, they have already had like close to 3000 eye checks done for people and glasses given out and stuff.

[I found a blog from OneSight re: the Cusco Clinic.  They mention and thank the help from "missionaries": blog entry here]

But yeah, there was one person who was a member, she was pretty cool, and from Canada. She was actually from the same ward that an elder from Canada that was translating was from haha.

Yeah, the whole zone was there translating and also some missionaries from another area, we had about 40 missionaries translating in all I think. The people working there pretty much already knew why we were here, but they were all super surprised to find out we were 18 and 19, they thought we were like 20s haha.

But yeah, after this we plan on going to Plaza Vea and eating at Chile's because we havent eaten something too good in a while. I also am hoping to find a better blanket there because the blanket that is provided is like ......some kind of like super itchy material, but its not too bad. Im sure ill be able to find one there. I usually just wear my jacket and my pajamas to bed because its really itchy if I have like my legs showing.

This picture, idk why I have it, when i woke up, i just saw my camera next to me and took a picture lol.

This Sunday, i was supposed to give my talk about service, (they changed the topic on me again the day before in ward council) but literally I had a talk prepared, and they didnt call on me to come up and talk. Im literally so confused on how disorganized some things are here, but its whatever haha.

We don't have any big plans this week, we have a little bit more translating just on Tuesday, then we finally finish that service.

But yeah, this week is Jeff´s second week in Bangkok, and apparently he is just loving it from what I can read in his emails. This is my favorite excerpt from his email

"This is the greatest work in the world and I truly wouldn't want to be doing any other thing in my life. Thailand is absolutely the coolest place ever and the people here are ready to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. When I try to just see others as Christ would and look at them as if they were dressed in white, I have no fear and just go talk to anyone and everyone. I actually walked right into the circle of this sketchy group of like kids my age who were all just yoked Khon Thai's who all could probably kill me. They were all tatted up and smoking and I was like "hey wanna learn about Jesus Christ and how we can have eternal life?" and they all got like way serious and just stared at me and were like no. So then I was just like "Well do you want to quit smoking" They all said they wanted to. SO I told them the truth, that through Jesus Christ they could quit smoking and also receive baptism. They kinda looked at me like I was crazy but they excepted my invitation card or whatever with the church address and our # on the back. So hopefully they will show up or give a call. But I am learning quickly that obviously not everyone is going to have any interest at all. But we are here to plant seeds for later generations of Missionaries too. What an honor. "

He is a bit more confident than me, but I am working on it :)

Yeah. my times up for this week, next time we talk, October will be more than 1/2 over!


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