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Monday, October 19, 2015

Another week in Cusco

Hi.  This week we are writing a little late, and after this we have to go to the Molino, do some shopping and be back in the church by 6 so we are really rushed.

Today we played soccer for p-day, there were like 25 of us, a little bit too much for my liking but it was alright, we played from like 10 to 2. We returned to our house ate and showered and ran to internet up until now!

But no, my package still hasnt arrived as much as im aware, it could be there but im not sure. Ive heard tons of stories of packages taking like 3 4 months to arrive and randomly showing up at the office, so we will just have to wait and see. Also, there might be a customs tax on it, if so, i will have to pay like 8 soles to the office when they found out there is one.

But this week was okay for me, it was a little dry and a lot of walking. We had really poor numbers this week, so we are just in a little of a drought.

The people in my district are
Hna. Jardine
Eld. Day
Eld. Arias
Hna. Chavez
Hna Viricochea (or something like that)

Here are some pictures from a family night with ward members this week.

[I asked him about the little brown pouch on his belt that we have seen in various pictures.]

Oh, i just realized i havent told you guys about that, thats my coin pouch. I bought one in Lima, but it wasnt one that attaches on the belt, so it was nearly impossible to pull it out of my pocket while in a crammed bus. It costed 6 soles so it was really cheap but was an awesome buy.

I saw my camera when I woke up and took another picture lol.

More pictures from Family Night! Bought that scarf for 8 soles :) [I had to look up exchange rates as he really only quotes prices now in Peruvian money.  So 8 soles is like $2.48 US]

Lately it has been pretty cold here :(

[I asked him about how work was going -- if not having "good numbers" for that week.]

Well, we werent too dry, we had 10 lessons with recent converts but 0 new investigators. E.Ludlow is also the only one who knows how to play piano in the ward, and this sunday was the primary presentation so he had to play for them and they had to do a couple practices during the week. I have no clue whats going to happen when he leaves, maybe we just wont have a pianist.

[I asked him about his "pension" [the family they stay with and who basically feeds them / takes care of them.]

Our pension is great, but i am just not a HUGE fan of the food here, but its alright. They always give us TOO MUCH food, and I have asked for less and it seems like I get 2 grains of rice less. Our pension is super cool though, we live with them, they do the laundry, buy the water, and literally do everything.

I already miss so many things from the US already though hah. The other day we were walking and saw a Porsche and it made our day. Every single car here is like a Suzuki that seems like its about to fall apart.

[I asked him if his trainer Elder Ludlow would likely stay in Cusco past another transfer / change.]

E.Ludlow is very likely going to be changed, because this is his 4th change here, meaning he has close to 6 months here. Everyone else in the district should stay though, so I will probably just be the junior companion of the district leader again :)

I dont really have anything cool on my camera this week (video wise), and we are going to leave right after this email, because we have only an hour and a half to go and shop, and then make it back to the church , Love you guys!

Till next week!

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