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Monday, October 26, 2015

Connor @ 4 Months Out

This week has been alright. Today we played basketball and I got schooled by all the gringo missionaries because they are actually tall, I think I might be better at Soccer hah.

[I had asked Connor whether the strike in Cusco Peru had impacted him much.  Here is a link to a story about it -- basically was hard to get public transportation for tourists.]

The strike this week was the most interesting thing, and we were told by our zone leaders that we wont be able to leave the house if it is too strong. But no, the strike was super lame, just a decent amount of people walking in the streets, we didn't see any breaking or burning or anything like that!

On Saturday, there was a "multi stake" service where we walked for 3 hours picking up trash of all kinds it was super gross haha. And it seemed more like a ward activity with the amount of people that actually showed up. We saw a couple of dead dogs on the side of the road, hit by cars. it was gross.

It didnt even seem hot, but we woke up the next day and were just absolutely fried. It was so hard to sleep with that sunburn on my neck.

So the week before last week, we had a fast as a mission. All 200 something missionaries fasting at one to find more investigators. This week, we have really received blessings. We had 0 new investigators the week before, and last week we had 7, while still maintaining good numbers with recent converts and less actives.

Package still hasnt arrived, today we were at the office, and I asked the person in charge if my package has arrived, he said there are a lot of packages right now in the office, and that he needs to organize everything this week and start sending them out. I have my fingers crossed.

But yeah, after this we plan on going to the Molino. The molino is pretty cool because everything is like super cheap. Last week I bought nike indoor soccer cleats for $10 and a soccer jersey for $6 lol. This week I really want to try to find an electric razor. It makes stuff so much easier, I dont really like using a normal razor that much. But if I cant find a decent one, I will just not buy it.

This picture E.Ludlow hit the one year mark in the mission. The tradition is that you burn a shirt on the 1 year mark.

We are already finishing our time on internet this week, we played basketball for like 3 hours this morning which was a bit longer than planned so we have to rush everywhere now to get everything done!

I really liked this sign someone had on their door, it translates into :

"Here we are Catholics,
We love the mother of Jesus, and dont accept other religions because many false prophets walk the earth, thanks for respecting our faith." I just had to get a picture with it.

E.Ludlow and I speak English most of the time when we are walking, we sometimes speak spanish though too. It sure will be interesting if I get a latino companion next week!

Our time is up though for this week, I will try to use the audio thing this wek lol. Going to continue praying for the packages :)

Till next week, love you guys!

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