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Monday, November 2, 2015

Last few days with trainer / first companion

[We had asked Connor a series of questions this week:  (1) Had he received a new companion; (2) Did Cusco have daylight savings time; (3) Do they celebrate Halloween in Peru / Cusco; and (4) had any of the multiple packages we sent arrived yet!]  


So yep, changes today, and Elder Ludlow got sent back to Puno! Apparently the Puno curse is if you start in Puno, you will go back, so he already got sent back just to a different stake to be zone leader, he is not too excited.  My new companion is named Elder Segura, I have never met him and he won't get here till Wednesday. He is a latino from Lima, and apparently hes supposed to be pretty cool. He has 3 more changes than me in the mission.

I don't think there was day light savings.

Yes, they celebrate Halloween, but definitely not as strong. Just some people walking around in costumes. People believe Halloween here like brings evil spirits so some people don't celebrate it haha.

Yes! The package arrived the day before Halloween, we also finally received our shirts from the onesight organization, they are pretty cool. Thanks so much for everything in the package!

[For our loyal readers of this blog -- :) -- this package was the one we sent to him in late August after he informed us of his need to accessorize as a missionary (white shirts and dark pants only go so far you know!).  So we requested some additional ties, and "Paisley ties" in particular and his wrist watch he forgot to take with him.  So we sent him like 4 or 5 cheap paisley ties and 2 or 3 church themed ties (with CTR and/or Standard of Moroni on them), some See's suckers and his old watch and a new (cheap) University of Utah watch.  The picture below has him wearing the UoU watch, holding Sees suckers and wearing the Standard of Moroni tie).]

We don't have much time today, as we have to go to a baptism in an hour and a half.  The bishop called and was like "I cant go you guys need to"! A little annoying because ward baptisms aren't our responsibility and its taking up our P-day time, but whatever I guess!  Every baptism is a great one!

We painted our room this week :)

Our halloween lol :) We had a family night in our pensions house. Our costumes included us switching our name badges.


If you guys didn't know, I lost my name tag in a taxi, the one that went on my white shirt, it SUCKS! I lost it actually last change, its been a while, but I just forget to say so. But yeah the zone leaders already ordered me another one for like 8 soles so now i just have to wait. It should get here this next change though.  I was in a taxi, got out, and it wasn't there, sucks :(

But yeah, this week was alright, we didnt have too much but we had a decent amount of lessons. 

Yeah we gotta go though, I wish I could say more but we gotta go to the church to set up stuff for the baptism, fun stuff! 

Next week I will have some pics with my new companion

Miss you guys!

-Elder Barry

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