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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A quick additional post

[As you might imagine, I have a full bookmark list of other missionaries and their blogs from the Cusco Peru mission.  I love to read about other experiences in Connor's mission and am always on the lookout for Connor in background photos!  :)  One of my favorite blogs is from a senior couple in Cusco that is serving a mission focused on helping people research their family history!  Their blog can be found at at this link.  Connor appeared in a photo this month -- and I've excerpted just a few paragraphs from the Johnson's blog below.]

Before we embark on a long (8 day) trip to Puno and points south, we're able to meet some new people in Cusco.  Even though we've been here for nearly 10 months, we've just scratched the surface of the opportunities right in Cusco city and places close.  It is our objective to travel to all districts of the mission, and hopefully we will be able to get that accomplished.

After the Sunday meeting block, we've got several appointments, including one with Gustavo Sr. and Gustavo Jr. (in the picture with Elders Ludlow and Barry).

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