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Monday, November 9, 2015

Second Companion (Out of Training)


So yeah we had changes, this week has been okay though! It was really hard the first couple of days because I was doing all the planning because he didnt know the area! But now its been alright, I understand most of what he says but he is from Lima so he can talk really fast haha.

He has really taught me a lot already though, he is a REALLY hard worker! We found 4 new investigators this week and they all already have a baptismal date!  So we are working hard!

But yeah, everything came in the package last week, it WAS reopened by someone but resealed, think they just checked it out im not sure. But yeah I really like all of the ties to be honest, I really like the church ones too, especially the captain moroni blue one its super cool!

How are you guys?

(Got my hair cut today for 6 soles ($2). Not too shabby).

As far as how the work went this week:  We set a goal for 4 new investigators, and found 7, 4 already with a baptismal date, 2 came to church on sunday, with 18 lessons in all in the week is pretty good!

Oh yeah though, the other day we were just coming back from visiting this less active member (who lived in San Bernadino, Cali, crazy!) and some big dog just started barking and like sprinting to attack us. My bag was on my back with the strap all done and stuff so I couldnt really use it to defend myself, so I just like kicked and nailed this dog that was coming at us. It was a super lucky hit and the dog stopped atacking us lol. First time ive ever had to actually hit a dog, usually you can just act like you are picking up a rock and they run.

[I replied to Connor and said I was glad he got a new companion who spoke really ONLY Spanish (good for Connor's language skills) and that he was such a hard worker!]

Me too, Its really hard sometimes because im used to a chillaxed lifestyle before my mission but working hard, studying hard, and always doing something definitely does make the time go by quick.

Our time is up already this week on internet, time FLIES here on internet haha.

But for my next package (whenever that may be, maybe Christmas), it would be super cool if mom could send like a small photoalbum. I have seen a lot of elders with these and its cool. Just any pictures she has of me, with friends and family and stuff.

Also It would be awesome to receive a pack of good pens (6 or so ;) , its so weird how even the pens arent as good here haha. Elder Ludlow received a package which had some and gave me one, but im already half way through it since we are always noting down stuff. The ones his parents sent are Pilot Acroballs, and they work great.  

It may sound wierd, but some good pens would really help a lot lol.

[So I guess we need to send Connor some nice pens now!  Gotta love a $10 purchase that will cost triple that to ship and arrive in 3 months! :)] 

But yeah we gonna go play soccer for zone Pday in the chapel, love and miss you guys so much!

-Elder Barry!

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