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Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16th -- Cusco

So yeah, this week has been alright, dont think anything too crazy has happened.

Bad news: So I got my package and its super awesome, all the treats and peanut butter intact, and the speakers intact too! I was super excited for the speakers, but I plugged them in with my ipod, and everything worked for like 20 seconds then the speakers just pooped out. Im not sure, ive read the manual like 400 times but the speakers just dont turn on anymore. I think the voltage here just might be too high or something, but that sorta sucks :( I am going to look again for a speaker in the molino today, because I also lost my USB this week with all of my music so I cant listen to anything anymore :(

This week the south american food really hit me, I have had some interesting experiences in the bathroom lately :(

Dont know if you guys know but in peru, the currency is Soles. There are some from like a collection that are special and only a certain number like are made. There are 26 in all of the collection, I already have 15. Being in Cusco you find more of them than anywhere else. Its pretty cool though, this week I receieved the oldest one, called the Tumi de Oro. Its worth like 30 soles here or like $10 so thats pretty cool, I just received it as change in a bus :)

But yeah, answer to moms question about the next package.

I need another missionary journal if its possible. I heard they sell cool ones in Desert Book if you are ever around that area, they also sell other cool little things in Deseret Book I think dont they? Like little things for missionaries? Also, if you dont have them, some nice pens would be awesome.

I lost my USB which I could plug into our DVD player to listen to all of my music. I took like all of Elder Ludlows music from his USB, but now hes gone, so that sortof sucks that I cant get it again.

But yeah, I will just have to go to the molino and buy a speaker there, I should be able to find a decent one for like under 50 soles which is less than 20 bucks, But the problem here is, no one here has something that can swipe a card, so if I want to use money from home I will have to take out money at an ATM which has a little tax. Im not sure if you already saw but I did already take out 400 soles which im still using.

Elder Segura is awesome, and we had a super busy week. Funny story this week though. So this week it was raining pretty hard, and there was literally a river running along the side of the road. We were just walking with my umbrella when this bus sees us, swerves and just sprays us with water. I thought it was pretty funny,  but he soaked us pretty good.

But yeah, our internet time is up for this week dang it always goes by so fast.

Hope you guys have a good week! Miss you guys tons!

-Elder Barry

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