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Monday, November 23, 2015

Chuno Soup!

Hey guys!

So this week was pretty good, we found 11 new investigators!

Usually our pension knows I don't like soup, but she decided one day (because it was like 1 degree colder than usual) that I had to eat soup. Even worse, it was Sopa de Chuño. First time I tried chuno, Its pretty gross, the texture is super weird.

[Chuno is something we have been waiting to hear how Connor reacted to -- when he first tried it.  From our earlier research into Peru it is a common menu item.  Here is a link for folks who are interested.] 

Weather was pretty cool this week, it hailed golf balls on Saturday so that was pretty cool, we were in a baptism during that time though so it was okay.

Today for P-day we had the Turkey Bowl. We rented out 2 turf fields and played american football, but most of the latinos used the other one to play soccer.

I feel like my stomach isn't too bad right now, its definitely not the same as it was at home, but its better.

1) Hailing!

2) Baptism of the sister missionaries.

3) Me standing in a mount of hail.

We have 3 people with a baptismal date, and 1 more but he would have to get married first. December 12th we should hopefully have a baptism, (2 days before changes)! I might not be here for the rest of them.

Its likely I will move after this change, (the 14th). Usually people are in a sector for around 3 transfers, plus a lot of missionaries train here in cusco so I think elder segura will do that here.

[We had asked Connor if he had any details re: one of the two times a year we get to actually talk to him live -- on Christmas and Mothers Day.]

About the Skype call, so it says it SHOULD be 45 minutes, but Elder Ludlow told me it can be a little longer depending on your companion, but at least we will have 45 minutes! We have to find someone who has good internet who is willing to let us do it, but who knows I might be in my other sector already.

Today I bought a rubix cube for 13 soles, ($4), its pretty nice, and my companion is going to teach me how to do it before our change is over.

"Its like the play-station of missionaries" is what my companion told me today hah, literally almost every missionary knows how to do it.

Okay ill make a video this week with me struggling to do the cube.!!

My time is up though, we are just going to go back to the house and chill for 45 minutes and then head to the chapel for the district meeting every pday at 6 to end the pday.

Hope you guys have a good week! Take as much pictures for me and i will try to do the same for you :)

Next monday I have 5 months ! :)

Which means after this change, in 3 weeks, the latino hermanas will not be going home before me :))))))

Love you guys! Have a good week!

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