Machu Picchu

Monday, November 30, 2015

Connor in Cusco

Well everything is good over here! Today is my 5 month mark so thats pretty cool!
Cant believe that we are already on week 5 of the current change, that means in like 2 weeks its probable that I could be in a different part of the mission!

Nothing really cool happened this week, lost a few investigators with a baptismal date because they didnt come to church (sometimes my least favorite part about the mission is the agency of other people) haha.

We played soccer again today, and it was cloudy and even raining a little bit, not even a bit of sun, but I got burnt again, I really dont understand.

Thanksgiving was nothing special here, one member who served in Los Angeles here told us he would invite us over for dinner, but was like super busy or something and wasnt able to.

Thats not fair Josh is still getting tall, when is it going to be my turn?  [This was in response to our email to him re: his little brother getting taller and taller and basically outgrowing his clothes!]

Elder Ludlow gave me a additional dollar he  had, on the top there are 24 letters, for each of the 24 months of a mission. So mine is marked to show I am done with 5 months!  Its just something cool that North American elders do :)

I also received my official non-resident ID card from Peru this week, just took a photo. Its just a copy though as mission office keeps the official version.

I forgot to make a video! I was thinking this entire week but forgot, I suck :/ But I have almost learned how to do the rubix cube completely, I will learn before next monday hah. 

We didnt have too much good that actually happened this week, it sort of sucked, like we had at least the minimum for the "norms of excellence" in the mission, but nothing really cool happened. Lets see here.... the only thing that was sorta funny this week was when an investigator told us, "I feel like I have received an answer the Book of Mormon is true", and it was cool, but then she told us later that she still wants to be catholic, a mormon AND a "christian" (doesn't really know that that's not really a church).  Might be a little rough explaining to her that it doesn't really work like that!

Everything is alright here. You know its a little different now that I don't have my trainer Elder Ludlow), but that's to be expected.

I think my Spanish is pretty good, I don't think I have increased in skill a ton this change, but my companion says he thinks it has as compared to when he arrived, so I'm not really sure. I think it just goes little by little so that its pretty hard to give notice.

But yeah, I remember you asked about Machu Picchu a few weeks ago or something like that. About that trip:

So elders can go IF they are in CUSCO any change they want, because it happens once every change, but if they are not in cusco, they have to wait till they come here, or if they never come and stay in like puno or something, they get to go in the end of their mission. I have never really wanted to go, but I realized it might be better to go like next change because I am going to go again with you guys eventually. If I get a change and leave cusco in 2 weeks, I'm not really sure what I will do, maybe just go twice at the end of my mission? Maybe return to cusco in a differnet zone eventually and go? Not really sure.

[We told him that it would be great to go as soon as he could -- given we will want to go with him again when we come and pick him up in 19 months basically!]

Well my time is up :( We got 1 hour to run to the molino and buy some stuff then gotta have a district meeting to close the day.

If O don't get a change this month, I think I will go to Machu Picchu next change, we will just have to see :)

Love you guys!

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