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Monday, December 7, 2015

Maybe the last week in Cusco?

Well this week has been alright.

We worked super duper hard, and I have been really tired the entire week. We have been trying to bring members to the lessons, but its super hard but we still managed to have 13 lessons with investigators this week (each had a member present).  We had 51 references asked and 32 contacts!

This week we knocked a door and an old lady answered, apparently her kids are less active members and she "wants to get baptized" now, pretty cool how that worked.

Im not really sure how the skype account thing will work for our Christmas live call, but we will find out here pretty soon. :)

Today we are going to go to balcon del diablo again but just with another pair of elders. Im the only one of out all of us who has gone before (I'm just too old / been here too long in Cusco!)

So I can tell you that the time sure does go by a lot faster when we are working hard, but yesterday I fell asleep in like 5 seconds. My comp went downstairs to use the bathroom and when he came up I was already asleep.

This red sweater picture is just in our house, its a new sweater I bought for 35 soles, like $10, I like it a lot. :)

This is a picture of my historic coin collection!  I am missing less than 12 (which the picture shows) I actually have like 4 more.  Im just not sure where to put them, its hard to tell sometimes. But yeah, some elders trade and such, but I dont know any that want to trade right now. I have more than everyone else in the district right now, guess I am just lucky getting them.

This last picture is with me and another elder, and was taken like 1 hour ago. Thats one of the elders from Ttio district of Cusco, but they are super cool, we are going to balcon to diablo today together and later going to play soccer.

So next week by this time I will know if I am going to be moved in this next change, only 1 week left in this change, super weird.

[We had asked Connor how he mostly got around in Cusco and how his shoe's were holding up!]

We usually walk all the time, because we are SUPER poor all the time. We found out from our Mission President that we are actually the poorest mission in the world. We receive the least amount of money every change out of EVERY mission. Crazy! Only district leaders, zone leaders and assistants have cell phones in the mission, crazy.

Shoes are holding up fine, bit a pain to have to shine shoes, but I try to not dirty them too much so I can just dust em off every morning.

We are gonna finish up internet really soon here to leave, but crazy experience this Sunday.

So this Sunday was fast Sunday, and it was fast and testimony meeting. So there is this crazy guy that has been coming to our ward for years. Hes not a member, and he loves to argue. He like ran up as fast as he could when testimony time began, hobbling with his cane and started like yelling in the mic and stuff, the bishop had to like escort him down haha.

My companion wanted to visit this crazy guy the following week, so we made an appointment but we found out that day that he doesn't even live in our sector (so he shouldn't even be coming to our ward), so we couldn't go. The crazy man came up to us and started reciting some scriptures from the bible. He was like "Malditos son los que no cumplen con su palabra", which means like, cursed are they who dont do the things they say they would or something like that, super crazy guy.

But yeah, think we are going to leave here soon, we have like 5 min left!

So our time is up, see you guys next weeeeeek!

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