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Monday, December 14, 2015

First Change (Transfer!) -- and a little worried about it!

I got transfered to Juli, a part of Puno. Im not really excited because we were gonna gave 2 baptisms for the minimum this change.

My new companion is Elder Sanabria. I know him a little bit, he was here in Cusco my first change here. He is cool but I heard he might not like to work that much, so that sorta sucks.

No one really wants to go to Juli, but ive heard it just all depends on how you look at it. I will be in the zone of Elder Ludlow hah, he is zone leader there.

Here are a few pics from the hike last week. Was fun!

So now I gotta pack all my stuff up, and that is the last thing I want to do right now lol! Im not really sure when I leave, its tomorrow or Wednesday, but I didnt get an email telling me, I think I will just hear from the zone leaders.

But yeah, its a branch there in Juli, not a ward. Has an assistance of like 30 or 40 I heard, gonna be a big change from around 170.

I have just heard through grapevine that my new companion might not like to work that much, which sorta sucks. In presidentes letter to me this week, it was like:

"The lord has put his trust in you here , you guys are going to be very isolated, (we only see the zone leaders once every change), you will need to choose to be an 100% obedient missionary, or a mediocre missionary like your companion might want to be." and a lot more like that, it sorta scares me.

[We obviously tried to cheer Connor up a bit -- and I told him to just forget about that potential issue for the moment and try to enjoy the "adventure" of such a big transfer!  Juli is a fairly small place -- I will post some info / pics of it below Connor's email.  I just told him to give his new companion a week and if not working as hard he wants after that point to just gently "take charge" and do the work!]

Yeah so the bus ride to Juli is going to be like 10 hours I presume, ugh!.

Im hoping that too, I really want to skype. [In response to my worry that such a small place in the boonies will have internet access! :)] I guess the good thing is we will be able to skype for a good bit of time, as I bet my new companion will want to skype for a lot of time, hah.

Im just a little sad to leave Cusco, and go to a branch of 30 members! I will give like talks more I imagine.

But I cant say anything yet, maybe he will want to work hard, we will just have to see.

So yeah my time is up, Ill talk to you guys next week, keep me in your prayers!

Love you guys!

-Elder Barry

[Juli Peru:  Here is a google map to location.  Basically it is about as far south / east as he can go in his mission and is on the shore of Lake Titicaca.]

[Here are some pictures of Juli I found on internet.]

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