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Monday, December 21, 2015

First week in Juli

So yeah, is it alright with you guys if we Skype the 24th this week? (Thursday) We have found a member, but he only will have time Thursday. I will use Skype from 5 to 6 here, so I think that is 2 to 3 your time, but you guys should figure that out more hah. I'm not sure what account I am going to use, but I will get one.

So yep, this week has been interesting. 8 hours in bus to Puno, 2 in a little mini van full of old ladies to go to Juli after. It was cool though, there were only 3 of us on the first little floor of the bus, because it was a double decker. 3 missionaries, on the entire bottom floor, I attached a picture of me in my seat.

We stopped about 4 hours in, at a little store. Its crazy how hard those people are taking advantage of tourists there. Its just a little store in a desert, but sells stuff at like 4x the price they should be. For example, a kit kat costed 14 soles, or like a little more than $4, crazy!

That photo is with an elder with some weird dead animal on his head, his name is Elder Neilson, pretty sure he has a blog too.

Juli is alright hah, a lot different. Our house is like RIGHT next to the plaza., so thats cool, our sector is pretty much the plaza, 4 other streets and then "the campo", which is like "the field" translated, its just fields that go out for ever hah.

Im going to write more, just sending this for now!

So yep, here in Juli we dont have a pension, we just buy everything hah. I actually like it though its cool, we can eat what we want, and dont eat chuño. As you can see, we have cereal , yogurt, and aji-no-men, which is just top ramen.

[As a side note, this stash of food has Connor's Mom and I a little worried!  It doesn't look all that healthy!]

In Juli, it can be bitterly cold, because its like even more cold than Puno. We had some CRAZY lightning, rain and wind this week, and when that happens, all the lights in all of the city go out, thats already happened 3 times this week.  In the video you will be able to see where we live from the plaza.

The good thing is our room is HUGE! Its more than 2x what our room was in los alamos, thhats good. The bed is awesome, the blankets dont itch, and it even has a comforter. Bad thing is that we dont have hot water in the morning, so we always shower in FREEZING water.

Right now we are in Puno, we had a zone meeting today, so we came in Combi (word for like a mini van, jam packed of people.)

But yeah, my comp is really cool, its so weird because I knew him in my first change in cusco, he was in our zone, didnt think I would be companions with someone I already know, but hes cool.

I dont have any photos with me right now, we took a ton, but they are on his camera and he doesnt have it with him hah.  There really is a lot less work here in Juli. The people here are just super flakey, in planning every night we make plan A, B and C because we expect many people will fail us. Thats the hardest thing

Yesterday, in our branch we had like 30 something come to church. The sacrament meeting started at almost 9:30, (30 MINUTES LATE!), crazy. At 9:00 there was only 3 people, crazy stuff. We did the sacrament, (were going to give talks but we didnt for some reason), and my companion led the hymn.

Got my package today, but Im not going to open the gifts till Christmas (OR MAYBE i will fall into temptation in the house, im not sure), but thanks so much for everything.

I think the internet will be better in Juli, but thanks for everything. SEE YOU GUYS THURSDAY AT 5 MY TIME!

I will friend you dad on Skype sometime before . See you guys then! Super excited till then!

[I also found another picture of Connor in the blog from the Senior Couple working on Family History: excerpt below]. 

"Back to Cusco for a Day of Discovery event and workshop in Estaca Cusco.  Among the attendees is Hna Norma, one of our most diligent members in Historia Familiar.  The family research she has done is quite amazing in detail and accuracy, and Hna J assists with makeing sure it's all correct and in the right place.  Hna Norma has had some health problems, but has made an astounding recovery, and it was so great to see her here.

And when we think that we've done all we can for Hna Norma, her hija Leni arrives with more details from her esposo's family.  We are delighted to help them both, with the assistance of Elder Barry."

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