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Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve Skype (Messaging and Video Chat)!

[Summary of our Skype messaging and video chat with Connor on Christmas Eve 2015 from Juli Peru]

Connor had arranged with a member of the church in Juli for him and his companion to use their internet and Skype with us @ 2:00 California time on Christmas Eve.  So we surrounded our TV (which has a Skype camera) with his brother, sister, mom, dad and dog.  We waited, waited and waited.  About 2:20 I got a strange call on my cell from some 20 digit phone number!  It turned out to be Connor (which was EXTREMELY exciting to just chat with him) and we learned that the member in fact didn't have internet as he "borrowed it from a neighbor and that person was traveling."

Connor told us he would try back at 4 - so like in an hour and a half.

About 4 I got a message from Connor via Skype messenger (a chat / instant message service basically).  It turned out that in his building where he lives the owner has wifi and let Connor and his companion use two laptops to chat with family via skype.  The owner of building is not a member but his two daughters are.  So Connor could type / message on Skype (on laptop with no camera) while his companion talked via video chat to his mom and dad in Columbia on other laptop with camera.  His companion's parents are separated so his companion could talk for 1 hour with each parent.  Connor also got the same 2 hours! It was also a blessing that they were in their own room doing this!  So really no limitations on public building, paid wifi, bothering a member, etc...

So it turned out I got to text with Connor back and forth for almost the full 2 hours sharing stories / pictures and just waiting for Skype to start!  It was a blast!

Here are some pics Connor sent me while texting.

This first one is view from his 3rd floor room right off Plaza in "downtown" Juli.  The storm clouds coming in are crazy!  It evidently is a place where the wind blows constantly and when a storm comes it literally knocks out internet / electricity.

Pictures of Connor by Lake Titicacca

This is a panoramic picture of bay in Juli.  Gotta click on it I assume to get the full effect!

Connor had done a service project for a very old lady -- basically carrying branches from her fields to her house for her to do "something" with.  He got fried by the sun! (or by the "sol" as he kept saying and had to correct himself).

He sent a video his companion took of his burn!

He put some sort of creme on the burn and then went back to work in his white shirt.  At the end of the day with sweat and creme -- had a nasty white shirt!

In Juli he has to walk everywhere.  His area covers two small towns basically 1 hour away one way and 1.5 hours away the other way.  They have various animal "encounters" and his defense is to shoot them with his trusty weapon!

We then got to Skype with Connor for two full hours!  It was so much fun to see him and talk with him.  We all squealed when he showed up on video.  It was rough for first few minutes as internet was bad.  He repositioned himself closer to wifi and it went well for rest of night.

We had his Grandma, Aunt and Uncle and various Cousins coming over for dinner --so they got to participate in the last hour of Skype!

I recorded the full 2 hours on video -- but have only attached a few excerpts below.

This first one is the first few seconds of excitement when he appeared on screen for first time!

The second one is a funny exchange between the family, Connor and his companion re: breakfast foods.  They evidently eat yogurt with cereal -- so no real milk / dairy product!

The final one is just a summary of his first Sunday in the Juli Branch.

We have 5 months until Mothers Day and can Skype him live again!  May 8, 2016.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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