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Monday, December 28, 2015

Bolivia Frontier


So this week I don't have many photos or anything that I didn't send Thursday, but its been alright.

Today for P day we went to the frontier with Bolivia, was cool I guess hah.  Just gonna start sending pictures.

Not much else to say as well that we didn't talk about on Skype!

[Connor's email came right when I was moving from station to station at Sport Clips getting my hair cut!  So I only had time for a quick email to Connor.]

pshh lucky, dont tell me your in sportclips, I want to get my haircut SOOO bad but I have to wait 1 more week till we go to puno, then i will be able to do it there. It is crazy long right now, when its wet it almost touches my eyes, I have to put a ton of gel in it and push it off to the side a lot to look normal hah. So excited to get it cut!

[I asked if he got the letter from his Grandma and Grandpa that I scanned and sent via email]

Yep, saved it on my flashdrive too and sent them a little email thanking them for everything.

I am sorry I cant really write to you guys this much this week, I have like 30 emails for some reason this week with tons of people to write, but I pretty much said everything on Skype.

I think I am going to receive my new backpack from "Willy" next monday, because we are going to Puno, and I will get to cut my hair ! woohoo!

Love you guys!

[The backpack from "Willy" is a handmade / custom bag that evidently Connor designed himself!  Outta be interesting to see it :)]

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