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Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years in Juli

Happy 6 months out on mission and New Years!

Sheesh this week went by pretty quick. Right now I am in an internet cafe in Puno, and this computer is legit crap, and has a mind of its own so my writing might be a little bad today hah.

This week has been alright, new years really didn't feel like new years. I can say that for sure.

As you guys already know, I completed 6 months recently, and with that come the ritual burning of the tie, (picture attached).

Here in Peru, people make like...dolls, dummies, not really sure the word for it, but then they burn them at 12:00 at night for new years with the fireworks and all. My companion and I decided to make one, and we made an Elder out of crappy torn up dirty clothes left from other Elders before us.  So we burned the doll at midnight and watched all the fireworks from the roof of our building.

Gonna try to make that birthday video here right now if I can for Josh!  [Connor's little brother turned 14 on New Year's Eve]

The photo album that Mom made me for Christmas was perfect!  Please tell her I said thanks.

The guy who owns our building we live in, which is the same guy that let us borrow his laptop, let us use his roof for fireworks and new years eve.  He actually gave us fireworks and was up there with us with his kids haha.

Things in Juli are going about the same lol, but we are going to have a baptism in 2 weeks so thats cool :) So the owner of the building we live in is not a member, but realy likes the church. His wife was a member but passed away this year, his oldest daughter is a member, and his second oldest daughter now wants to get baptized, and also his little son hah who is like 12 years old.  So we should have those couple baptisms in next few weeks.

Our landlord really likes the church, but doesnt really want to do anything right now, but we are sure his conversion will come through all of his kids if anything :)

And yep, finally got my haicut, feels a lot better , my hair (when wet) could touch my eyes it was so long. Was a little bit scared to get it cut though because they just like pull a length of hair from the head, ask you,"is this good?" give you like 2 seconds to respond and then start to snip away, sheesh!

My bag from Willy I think will be done today, not sure though, but it should be ready today, if not, next Monday, the tie will be ready for sure though, ordered a tie which costed 15 soles, has like the mission logo with a cool Peru design, will take a pic this week week.

So that internet cafe in Josh's video, its like a sole and 50 cents for an hour, so literally those kids play very old video games (like 3 or 4 years old compared to US games) for like 6 hours and pay like $3, pretty cheap but its pretty annoying with all these kids yelling and cussing in english, not even knowing what they are saying lol.

I really want to know if i got in to U of U! Im almost sure i did, but just wanna make sure, Jeff wrote me this week, is loving the mission but super excited to room together after the mission, me too! Not sure if an apartment or in the dorms would be better though, dorms sorta seem small in my opinion! (But i got some time to think bout that) :)

Well time is up, see you guys next week! Everyone else is already leaving! bye! lol Love you guys!

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