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Monday, January 11, 2016

Another Week in Juli

So, this week was a bit hard but alright. Me and my companion worked, but in reality we didn't have that much going on, but I guess that is how some weeks are!

The good thing is that we are going to have a baptism on the 23rd!

To answer your question dad, yes, Christian (our investigator in Cusco) did get baptized the SATURDAY after I left, he already had his interview when I was there haha.

Next monday we are going to Puno, today we actually stayed here in Juli, the other elders came and we hiked a HUGE mountain, it was so cool. I didnt bring my camera, but others took pictures of me and they are in another internet cafe, so I will have to send them next monday, but it was soooo cool.

At the top of this GIANT mountain, (hike took like 4 hours straight uphill), there was a bunch of crappy little stone altars that people make by piling rocks when they climb up.  As I said before, the people here are crazy superstitious, so there were a whole bunch of like altars like where they think make deals with spirits and all that crazy sort of crap!

I did receive my handmade tie on Monday, but its too fat for my liking, its super big, but still cool, I just gave it back and asked him to skinny-Tie it for me, I am sure he will do it. But I am going to get the backpack Monday, that for sure will be awesome.

[I told Connor that his new mission president had been called and would report in July of 2016, and so asked if he had already heard about that or not]

No, never heard of him hah, we dont hear much in Juli! Hah!

When we want to keep working, but don't have a ton of stuff to do, well we pretty much just walk around going to every house that we know, and every person will make some dumb excuse, its usually around these lines:

"Hey! We decided to pass by to visit you! You have a bit of time right now?

"ohhh, no, I dont have time, sorry , another day another day,"

Then we make another appointment, and its like a rinse wash repeat thing hah, even when the appointments are like set, the people just say, OH I FORGOT! Dont have time sorry! another day another day!

[We told Connor that both his Mom and I had given talks in church on Sunday in our new ward]

Hah, as a matter of fact I had to give a surprise talk this week myself, I found out 2 minutes before Sacrament started, so that is pretty fun, also that same day had to give a surprise talk at a baptism of an 8 year old!  haha.

But yeah, time is pretty much already about up, not sure how much longer we will be here, but yeah,

love you guys!

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