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Monday, January 18, 2016

Still going strong in Juli

Big news in the mission we learned today in our zone meeting.

1. Every companionship now has a cell phone, before it was just district leaders and zone leaders, im stoked, finally we dont have to put up with our crappy litte landline.

2. Jeffrey R.HOLLAND comes to CUSCO Febuary 20th, we are going to have a mission conference, the WHOLE mission is going to travel to cusco and he is going to talk. I am stoked hah, he talks with SO much power!

Thats the noticies from the meeting.

So yep, got my package, still havent opened it, going to wait til we are back in Juli to open it, opening a package with many people around is NEVER a good idea, will have to end up sharing everything that you waited months to get!

I dont have my camera with me right now! Left it in willys house, (with my new backpack) and all my other stuff. I do have the camera of someone else that has a bit of pics from last wek and a little from tday too, sending em now.

We already got our phone! Handed out in zone meeting, just a little white movistar phone, prob about the phone people used in the US like 10 years ago, maybe even more, but its chill, we can finally just call without having to go back to the house!

Next week i should have some awesome pictures, with the package, and my new backpack, and of the ruins we went to today.

Yep those pictures above are from our last hike, last week, was so awesome haha.

Today we went to the ruins of Sillustani (google it), have some sick pics on my cam, but he also has some, gonna keep sending.

[Sillustani is actually a fairly interesting place!  I found some good links doing Connor's recommended Google search! :)  The best is probably here (a two minute video summary on YouTube re: burial chambers built in ancient times).]

[I asked Connor how the work was coming and whether he felt like he and his companion were working hard enough]

Well, its hard to work here, because Juli is like, well, the hardest sector in the mission work wise, but our investigator Janice did have her baptismal interview yesterday, and is going to be baptized in the lake this Sunday, will be cool in the lake.

The time passed super super fast in this change though, cant believe this is already week 6... I expect I will be here in Juli 3 changes for the least, well, 2 is actually the least but not probable. I suspect I will stay 1 more with Sanabria, then 1 more or 2 more with my next comp here and after that move on.

We are not sure yet who is going to baptize her, she told us she will tell us by Thursday. Personally for me, I dont really care as long as it just goes smoothly, thats all I want hah.

Changes are next monday!

Ruins were awesome today, tons of tourists (gringos), so tons of little shops overpricing crap so that the tourists buy it at a price that seems normal for them lol.

But it usually costs 10 soles to enter into the ruins, but I heard they always rip off tourists saying its 25 soles, so when we went up to the guy to get a little ticket to enter in, he said "25 soles", seeing me and another gringo, Elder Harris, but then one of the latinos we were with (Elder Cortjo) said to him that we were all missionaries working here locally and so we paid 10 soles to get in!  lol.

But yeah times up this week, so fast as always, I will see you guys next week, with more pictures!


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