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Monday, February 29, 2016

Another week of travel and meetings

Hey guys! So this has been a good week, we were pretty much traveling all week to Puno and back for Zone Meeting and a Multi zone meeting so we didn't get to do too much, but stayed in Ludlows [his trainer and now his Zone leader] house for 2 days, pretty cool!

We were in Puno from Thursday to Sunday so we didn't spend a ton of time in our sector this week, but did manage to set up a ton of appointments for this upcoming week, so should be better this week with work and teaching in Juli!

Today we ate in Puno in PlazaVea (its like a real mall), and we ate in a restaurant called Bembos...I guess its classified as fast food but its the BEST thing I have eaten in 3 months!

[I had seen in another blog that Elder Holland had told the entire mission that he had received specific promptings about some missionaries who were being less than obedient, and that he told the Mission President specific names!  The Mission President then had interviews with each of those missionaries after the conference.]

Yes, as Dad said in his email, our Mission President interviewed people that were not doing well according to Elder Holland, but luckily I wasn't one of em :) (Scary cool promptings from an Apostle though right?)

[One of the Senior Missionary Couples (same one who posted re: Connor in Juli last week) had a great summary of the Mission Conference with Elder Holland.  It includes a lot more detail than what we get from an 18 year old in Peru! :)  Here is the link if interested.  LINK]

Not sure what else to say for this one, just one story that makes me think of Dad.

So today we had our district meeting in Ilave, and after it was over we decided to go to Puno since its pretty close. After being there we came back to Juli, and as usual to get home from Puno you have to go to a terminal and take a van bus looking thing. So me and my companion got in, and the only seats left were the back seats, (where APPARENTLY 4 people can sit, or at least that is what they say).  So we got in the back, 1 guy was already back there so it was my companion in 1 window, some random guy in the other and me in the middle here it gets guess who gets in for the "4th" seat?...

A very large person .... probably largest I have seen in my life!  :) So pretty much had a 2 hour ride squashed .... made me think about Dad and his stories from various trips / plane rides.

I am so bad with pictures, I promise I literally THOUGHT of you guys, saying to myself that I was going to take pictures with Ludlow, so I brought my camera but then didn't remember to take any pics lol....sorry, but when we go again I will take tons, sorry.... I feel bad....Gonna do voice recorder tonight or something from the camera haha.

Here is a picture of the ENTIRE mission from when Elder Holland was here.

[Good luck finding Connor in this "where is Waldo exercise" -- a hint -- find the guy in middle / far right side on someone's shoulders it looks like and head left.  His face is a bit hidden by a raised arm!]

[Another picture of Connor with his MTC group]

Yeah, its time for me to go but going to do something tonight.

Going to try to improve in that aspect, taking more pictures.

But I love you guys a ton, hope you guys have a great week.

Talk to you next week


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