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Monday, March 7, 2016

A new companion is coming to Juli

So my companion is off to Juliaca (like 45 min further away from Puno) with this change.  I am staying here with someone named Elder Bordon, never met him or heard of him, but have heard from others that he is from Argentina and has a little more than a year in the mission. I am going to be with Sanabria until tomorrow though, since my new companion arrives tomorrow night.

By the way, I received my package with the clothes in it, our ward mission leader was actually in Puno and he met up with Elder Ludlow and brought me my package!  I was just getting ready to start studies at 8AM one day and POW I heard the door knocking...was a little awesome surprise.....Awesome to hear the other package is on its way, I really hope it doesnt get stolen.

Gonna send photos when my companion finishes using my adapter lol :P

This week we got a call from our district leader Elder Powell saying we have to go to Cusco to do paperwork for immigration.  This was NOT an exciting call since it meant another 16 hours on a bus, but we had to do it.

After the trip we had like 4 hours before our bus left, so we decided to go to McDonalds in Cusco with Elder Powell and a guy named Elder Stringham.

Was awesome getting back to Cusco though, but didn't have time to visit my old house and pension.

These are some pictures from our district meeting this morning, (nothings changing in the district this change except for my companion).

The tall gringo is Elder Powell, district leader, also had to travel to cusco with me for this immigration paperwork.  He already has 20 months in the mission and is super cool.

The two latinos in the back are Sanabria (my companion) and Tituaña, the two in front are Peña and Ordoñez. Peña and Tituaña are in Ilave and Ordoñez is with Powell in Yunguyo. I like them all but the elders from Yunguyo are better friends of mine.

In terms of our work this week, we have a super cool family right now, married and the dad is less active, but its a little hard because they work so hard and so often. The dad also is a little confused when we say we can help him with stuff that he needs. We literally almost calls every other day asking for help in his work (which is literally cutting down trees , chopping them up with a machete and then bringing them back to his house to put in his big oven to make and sell bread!) Little bit hard with that situation......

We are working a lot with less actives now, don't think I have said because a lot of people think baptisms are "more important" or "more prestigious" but we have have 4 rescues here already in Juli. That pretty much means someone who wasn't coming to church is now coming and has a calling.

[Since Connor is basically 1/3rd way through his mission, we asked him how are things going generally?  How did he feel about the mission so far? What he felt like he has accomplished? What he wanted to be better at?]

Well, I feel like the mission is super hard, physically and spiritually.

I literally have had some super bad stomach pains lately, and I literally don't know why, as I haven't eaten ANYTHING bad. The food just doesn't agree with my stomach here, no matter WHAT.

I just like coming home at night tired is the best thing, knowing you gave it all. I really hope that is what I can improve, putting in my best effort because I think I have always had a habit to sloth things off and give a more laid back attempt at things.

I love you guys so much but its already time to go, hope you guys have a great week.

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  1. I love reading this blog! Connor sounds great and looks good, even with his stomach issues :) So proud of him for serving the Lord.