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Monday, March 14, 2016

1st Birthday in Mission

So, almost 19 years old, thats a bit crazy, seems like just the other day we went to Outback Steakhouse with Mitch, Nathan, and Tom for my 18th birthday haha.  [Connor will turn 19 on March 19th]

So this week has been great, my new companion is Elder Bordon. He is from Argentina from some city thats super north close to Paraguay or Uruguay (one of those two I already forget)!

This week we have been working really hard, found 4 new investigators and far surpassed the goals we put for contacts and references asked. We have really worked hard, I am so tired hah. I think the zone leaders are going to Cusco today or tomorrow, so might not be able to receive it before my birthday but hey, at least we tried. I just hope everything is still inside the package :P

How was your guys week?

Just took this photo, figured you guys would want one with my new comp.

By the way, he is from the group of Elder Ludlow, so has about like 16 months about now.

Elder Bordon and I are getting along great, we mess around with each other (like fun teasing and stuff) but I like that more than a more reserved companion.

We are gonna have 3 more rescues this month in a few weeks here, so that is pretty cool.

Nothing really special or fun happened this week (other than just us working super hard), only thing I can remember is when a drunk guy in the plaza was arguing with a police guy (he was actually a Serenazgo though, which is like a volunteer police guy). But yeah they were arguing and the drunk guy punched the serenazgo and started to run, he got like 15 steps away and then was tackled lol, sorry crazy.

Here is a picture of my new dog!  Is actually our landlords lol, its like the size of my head haha.

So we are packing up now to leave, gotta go clean the house because its pretty

Hope you guys have a good week, love you guys tons!

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