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Monday, March 21, 2016

Missionary Sunday in Juli

Hey guys!

So this week has been alright. It was actually hard though. We didn't really find many new investigators and had a hard time trying to set up appointments.  We did a lot of contacting and did our part but nothing really worked out :P

This week in church was also crazy.  Without any notice we had to bless the sacrament, lead the hymn, give sacrament talks, and give sunday school AND priesthood lessons.

Anyways, I am just going to keep praying for the package.  [We had sent Connor a package with a nano ipod loaded with approved music, some blue tooth speakers, miscellaneous deodarant, toothpaste, etc... but the package seems to have disappeared from tracking and might be "lost"].  

Elder Ludlow really wants me to sell him the old black ipod. I told him I would do it if I receive the other one, so hes on the hunt for  my package too lol.  He wants it so he can put music on it with the itunes computers in the mission office. Apparently all the mission office computers have itunes with like 2k songs or something.... Im not sure though because im out here closer to the Bolivia La Paz mission office than our own mission office -_-

You guys on though? I usually dont write this early, but we are going to Puno to play soccer and cut hair today so we got on early.

Sorry, I literally dont have any photos except for this 1 that I bought from "la cachina" in Puno after zone meeting Thursday. It costed 1 sole...Gotta love those 30 cent ties.

But I already gotta go, 1 hour already up and we are off to Puno to cut hair and play soccer, love you guys tons, will take photos and send em this week.

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