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Monday, February 1, 2016

Late in day P-day email

Hey whats up..super busy day so we are writing super late but its alright, had an appointment after we came from Puno so didn't have any time to write..

So this is what happened, so we were going to just write on a laptop that the owner of the house let us use to write today, but my comp started using it first for like 30 min then it died and he cant find the charger, so we were like...crap....and so we ran out and came here to internet and i forgot my I think I will log in tomorrow for 15 minutes tomorrow just to send all the photos and get off, no problem there. 

Well, it was a good week work wise. We had 5 news investigators, and a 2 came to church, and everything was good, we had little new contacts which sucks, but i really have trouble contacting. I know its something important to do, but I just don't like it. I know its something that if we do constantly, we will see slow and steady improvement but its just hard for me, so contacts and references asked are our lowest point right now. 

But me and my companion have been studying the plan of salvation last week, the entire week. It really payed off when Janice (our recent convert), started to ask us some deep questions haha. She even said, "I bet you guys cant answer this question", my companion (from Colombia of course) is super competitive in these kind of aspects so we bet an "arroz con leche" (rice pudding) that we could hah. She ended up like asking 5, questions like....Why did Heavenly Father send Adam and Eve only to the Garden of Eden... (Answered with Abraham 3:22-23 which talks about preordination and stuff), but it was really awesome to see how studying helps us so much hah. I have learned a LOT this last change with my companion, mainly about the plan of salvation, but its awesome...

But hey mom, I really don't know what even weather we are in right now. Literally EVERY person I ask tells me something different. I have heard around April, May and June it is bitter cold though, like sometimes close to snow (just like little ice and stuff), but I guess we will see!

I will be sure to send some pics tomorrow, but dang you guys are going to have frost tonight and be in the 30s?  At least you have like heating and that stuff, we don't have that here, but I already gotta you guys to you next week...

[Follow up pictures sent the next day]

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