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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Quick Email Update

Hey guys, so these next weeks here in Juli are carnival, which is bad here. Just a bunch of crazies running around spraying people with something that is like shaving cream and throwing water balloons, and they don't care if you are wearing shirt and tie....hahaha.

Everything is going good work wise I think haha, a lot of walking and I hate walking when its super hot or super cold so that sorta sucks...

Here lately its been FREEZING at night but BURNING in the daytime, it sucks!  It is just hard with the weather sometimes here, hate when it rains hard and then the sun burns me 20 minutes later haha.

In July about 45 missionaries are going home at same time (along with our mission president), so I imagine everyone in the mission will be training the newbies that come in that change, because there will be a ton I think.  So I am guessing I will be a trainer about 1 year out!  That scares me a bit, hahah.  

So my time is already up, love you guys tons, gonna make sure to send more pics this week from my camera, love you guys!

Have a good week

P.S. Take care of my stuff for me :)

Typical breakfast without a pension....evaporated milk sucks

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