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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Quick update from Connor

So we are in Yunguyo right now, dont have my camera with me but will upload the photos when I get back to Juli tonight. Doing divisons with Elder Powell (from the July 2014 group), should be fun. I will be working in Juli with him until Wednesday.

Carnival is still going strong, tons and tons of drunks in the plaza, the plaza is stained with urine, I am totally serious though actually stained......

So the ex mayor we live with here in Juli was throwing water balloons at drunk guys to keep them from adding to the urination problem the other day! Never really thought that would be something I see on the mission!

How are you guys?

Well to be honest I was super sick to my stomach this week....Not sure what happened but from like Tuesday to Saturday I was literally dying inside.  Wasn't too fun with that....

But lately we have decided to try to knock doors and try to have the first lesson right then, in the house....We are going to see if this will help us because lately we haven't been having too many appointments....Tomorrow we have a service in the campo (field?) Should be interesting because I am pretty sure its just moving sticks around again...

The other day it was burning hot here and we were just crammed in a taxi.......guy didn't roll down the windows and no cars here have AC....Was game over for me..

But listen to this --  our traveling schedule to see Elder Holland.

So Friday at 11:30 at night, we have to be at Puno at the terminal, where we take a bus for 8 hours to Cusco...We arrive at 7 or 8 in the breakfast and go to a chapel in Cusco for our meetng with Elder Holland......after we eat lunch and leave in bus again for another 8 hours...Thats just SAVAGE! But the good news is that we were told every missionary is going to get to meet Jeffrey.R.Holland, or just like shake hands, but will be cool!

Love you too! Think of you guys all the time too, more than you would think...haha

Miss pretty much everything about our home...

This week, due to carnival only 17 people came to the church, the 3 people who were going to give talks didn't come....Sacrament wasn't one was there to lead the hymn, of course as usual we don't have just was bad......Sunday school lasted 2 hours so there wasn't even time for priesthood and everyone left...just a hard Sunday here in Juli!

So we are going..............I will try and send some photos you guys tons!

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